If there is something I am not it's dainty. I am heavy footed, loud laughing, loud talking and rushing around 24/7 with a bag flung over my shoulder. Dainty to me is delicate and petite. I've always wanted to be a little softer, softer in my approach, less passive aggressive and alluring. All of the things you usually read about of the main character in a book. A Seat at the Table is one of my favourite albums, it had the ability to make me feel powerful and soft all in one song. The lyrics were strong and they demanded attention but Solange sang every word light and beautifully, daintily if you will.

That's when it clicked, I am not meant to be all of one thing. I mean I'm a blogger, freelance photographer, house-wife in my head, author in my head, advice giver to my friends and so much more. I can be both dainty and powerful and I can express those sides of me in any which way. It's similar to the huge amount of patience I have for kids but little for anything else.

One way in which I showcase my dainty side is with jewellery, gold is my preference. Let's be honest you're either a gold or a silver person. I told my friend I think I wanted a gold engagement ring and she panicked but she's a silver girl so she'll never understand

Boho Betty sent me these stunning bracelets to showcase on the blog for you guys. It wasn't easy to choose what I wanted because as you can see they and everything else on the website is so beautiful and made with so much detail.

Boho Betty is a UK brand emphasising diverse cultures and global fashion trends. This is shown in their attention to detail, colours and materials used. Boho Betty love original and jewellery which allow women worldwide to show off their individuality. I crave my individuality and anyway I can show the world 'HI, I'M UNIQUE', without having to say it is a yes from me. Jewellery allows us to dress up an outfit or can simply compliment a more laid-back look.

The Stretchy bracelet fit my wrist perfectly and I love the 'BB' detail on the gold elephant. Their Stretchy bracelets vary from £10-£20 and can be mixed and matched to add more a of a pop to your look. The Japanese Bead Friendship bracelets work by draw string and and vary from £12-£20, the string is strong and it fits both well and firmly.

Packaging is kind of a big deal to a girl like me and Boho Betty did not disappoint. These bags were soft, high quality and gave the products a luxurious feel.

So, in short, there are many ways to showcase your dainty side whether that be listening to Sweetest Taboo, eating a salad or experimenting with delicate jewellery. You just need to find your thing and create your balance. Thank you so much to Boho Betty for these beautiful pieces be sure to find out what else they have to offer on their website.

Love, Shay.