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Hey Humans,

When starting this blog I read quite a lot of posts on what to do and how to do it. Since then I've written


In this online world I learn new skills every week. For me it's about pushing my blog to be the best it can be and treating it like I'm Beyonce and this is my new album b/c we all know Beyonce puts in a firm 250% out of 100 lol.

Blogging Tips

* Go self-hosted as soon as you can. Buying a domain name and having a self hosted blog gives that professional touch to your blog. I pay £8.50 a month to connect my site and domain name and it's all very worth it, especially when wanting to work with brands.

* Read other blogs and grab inspo online and offline for fresh ideas and original content. Never stop looking for new blog post ideas and finding new ways to present yourself and your message.

* Be as authentic as a Chrissy Teigen tweet. Do you know what? Glossy magazine style blogs are lovely but sometimes they can come across a little impersonal when everything is so perfect. Audiences really connect with authenticity and you just being yourself. Although it may not seem like it, a lot of readers are genuine and will follow your journey if you present them with a relatable truth and the truth is always relatable.

* You don't need a blogging schedule but a rough plan does help. I used to have a kind-of schedule that I kind-of kept to but in reality it's isn't practical when blogging isn't the only thing that you do and when you have to rely on blog pictures that you can't take yourself and the fact that you won't be able to write brilliant content every other day. The key is to be consistent and do not slip under the radar for too long the online world moves quickly.

* Use social media to promote as much as you can. So you have free advertising for all of your posts and it is up to you to grab as much attention as you can. I repost old posts constantly and I am always using hashtags and connecting with other bloggers and blog pages on social to make sure my content is visible to my target audience.

* Every post should be great written content. When I have a post 3/4 of the way complete and I'm running out of time to post for that day there is something in me that just thinks 'post it will be fine' but the reality is that QUALITY always wins over QUANTITY (one of my favourite sayings) and it is much more beneficial to put out 1 amazing post a week rather than 3 mediocre ones.

* Imagery and design are very important. First of all, if a blog isn't easy to navigate, I'll just exit it because I am very impatient. It's not the best way to be but I'm sure you'll have more readers who are the same. I'll also more likely stay on blogs for longer that have a clean and nice design along with HQ images.

* You don't need a niche. Ok so my niche is lifestyle obviously but apart from that I don't really have a 'niche,niche'. I really ramble on about quite a lot on this blog but the important thing is that it is all me and fits my writing style. My PR emails usually state that they love my blog about 'everything' so I mustn't be doing too bad. Just stick to a writing style and do not skip from

'Why I love animals so much'


'My recent hunting trip'

and you should be fine.

Hope you learnt a thing or 8 from my little tips blog post. If you enjoyed this post let me know in the comment section below and I'll be sure to do more in the near future. Also a little Facebook like at the top of the page would be really lovely, have a good day love bugs!

With Love,

Shay RS x

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