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Hello my beautiful people,

how are you?

Recently I changed my Instagram bio to 'occasionally socially awkward' I have this little theory that If I tell people that I'm awkward in advance then they'll think I'm less awkward when they meet me, it could backfire but I'm willing to take that risk.


'Hi, I'm Shay Socially Awkward RS and yourself?'

Then I started watching Insecure which follows the life of Issa a very awkward and sarcastic African American woman. Then I was like 'Lol, is this about me?'

Read my post on why you should watch Insecure here

Then I watched her interviews where she mentioned how and why she embraces her awkwardness and the awkward situations she is always in and I thought 'Yep. she's definitely me, let me blog about this.'

1. I hate being late. Solution? Always being early. Wrong! I end up being too early or more like I end up worrying that other people will think I'm too early and so I usually stand around the corner pretending to text or actually text my best friends like

'Hey, I'm just in an awkward situation, wyd'

This usually takes place at events that start at 7, but I'm there 6:40 or job interviews that kind of thing.

2. When I bump into someone I know out and we have a little catch up and say our goodbyes then I start walking about my business and they. are. still. next to me.

*awkward smile*

'Oh, are you going this way too?' *awkward laugh*

3. When I am in an elevator with someone I don't know or vaguely know. Just shoot me, it'll be less painful.

4. When anyone compliments me and I'm thinking 'No, I don't look nice today you bloody liar.' But I have to smile along like

'Why thank you!'

5. When I kiss someone hello on the cheek then they go for the double cheek and so I'm bobbing my head trying to keep up with them. How do you ever know if it's a single or double kiss situation? Can we not just create a universal rule to avoid this in future?

6. Ok. When I am walking down the road and me and a stranger are both passing a tight road. I go left, he goes left. I go right, he goes right. I go left again, you catch my drift. This one kills me, because I cannot figure out why I don't just stick to one side because then regardless of which side he goes he will have to adjust if I do not move and everything will be ok. Be forceful woman.

Hope you liked my awkward life situations post aka my life on a regular basis. Have you been in any or all of these situations and If you're as awkward as me then cyber Hi5.

7. Omg I was finished and I hate ending on an odd number that isn't 5 butttt. I also do this thing when someone I don't really know says something to me with a smile and I just atomically start laughing and say 'Yeahhh'. First of all bitch, you have no idea what they bloody said so how do you know if it was funny or if that laugh was approptiare. Second of all, why the hell do I not just shut up, listen to what they said and respond like a normal person. If I don't grow up and stop doing this sometime soon, I am doomed.

Just gonna leave these GIFs here

Awkward at it's finest, thanks for inspiring this post girl @issarae

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It would be really awkward if no one commented on this. . .

With Love,

Shay RS x

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