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To be content is to be in a state of peaceful happiness. That feeling is one I never take for granted. I don't often feel content but when I do, I acknowledge it and I show gratitude to the things that have made me feel that way.

The best thing about creativity is that it's subjective, so although I'm sure a lot of people think my content isn't amazing, I know they're a lot of people who enjoy my blog and that's what I choose to focus on. I'll be honest huns, I flip flop between both sides. Naturally I always want to find ways to improve my content, I give myself a hard-time for not having the best images or because clearly I am not the best writer but a blog is more than just written words. It's writing, photography, style, layout and the overall brand coming together.

As a content creator my brain is constantly on the go. I'm always making blog post notes in my phone throughout my day and can literally be found writing down key words mid conversation with friends. I think this is the reason creatives have that whole scatty all over the place vibe going on because I can go from my cat to a veggie lasagne to last night's dream in one sentence. allows me to express myself authenically and when I'm not creating content, I am seeking inspiration to create more content. My favourite thing about content creation is that inspiration can be found everywhere. I grab content inspo from friends, colours, music, films, people-watching, smells, sounds and more, but after returning to the drawing board and executing the best content I can, I almost never satisfied. Fellow bloggers I know you you know the pain.

After constantly brain storming ways to improve and ways to take my blog to the next level, it struck me, I'm never actually going to be satisfied am I?

*me to me* 'don't answer that.'

Lifestyle Blogger @ Sky Garden


Hi, English GSCE and alliteration. I'm a self proclaimed hypocrite, I may post about 'Not comparing yourself to girls online' and loving yourself (which I do, sometimes) but when it comes to content, all rational thinking and level headedness is thrown out of the window. I'm constantly critiquing everything I do and suddenly my work looks like poo compared to everyone else's.

A thought that always brings me back down to earth is comparing some of things I love most. For example my favourite musicians of all time are Michael Jackson and Kanye West. One thing they have in common is that they're both insanely talented, but they really aren't similar and don't even create the same genre of music.

I love them both for their own personal style of music, their own voices and the impact their music has on me individually. If Kanye produced similar music to the King of Pop perhaps I wouldn't be such a huge fan. It's about knowing that being you is your uniqueness, your superpower as Kanye would say and that's what makes you special. Maybe your shots aren't as artsy as your favourite blogger but maybe everyone just loves your pics because you have a great smile and that's ok.


Comparing work can be motivating if you allow it to be. I might get in my feelings about not always producing the content I want to but I always always use it as motivation. If you want to improve your work, you can. Ask yourself

Does my content represent me?

What am I not happy with?

What's the first thing I can do to change this?

How can I improve my content overall?

Am I still being true to myself?

Over Christmas I created a few posts I weren't 100% about, I don't even think they fit my content but I felt like bloggers had to create christmassy content at christmas, wrong. After my rebrand I am headstrong about the content I create and will only put out what feels true to both me and my brand.


Not to be disheartening but you will never ever be the best. There is no such thing, our main focus should be to be the best version of ourselves. I am a strong believer in pushing yourself and critiquing your work as long as it is healthy. Strive to make yourself proud and always remember that your content should represent you, you're amazing and no one else has your shine.

Creativity is subjective and everyone's work will be interpreted differently and mean something different to different people. There is a pretty even playing field when it comes to creation and it makes it easy for people to be themselves and express themselves how they see fit.

The answer to my blog question is no I am not content with my content and I probably won't be anytime soon but instead of getting down about it, I'll use it as motivation to keep pushing.

If there is anything you do happen to like about my content please do feel free to let me in the comments so that I know what to produce more of and if there is anyone else's content you like be sure to let them know, it'll make their day.

Love, Shay.

Lifestyle Blogger @ Sky Garden


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