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Yes, I'm shouting because my life was made!

Melons Podcast Live With Maya Jama

I RT'd a tweet to have the chance to go down to live the filming of Maya's Melons Podcast. I never win anything ever but I still apply because I am very much optimistic and stuff. As I am watching Maya's snap on the day

'Some of you guys have won tickets so I will see you later.'

I'm just like...

'didn't get it then.'

Then pow, the Queen herself slides into my DM's like 'Hey Shay' first of all my name is Sharaye, and even though my Twitter name and whole online identity is Shay, I'm feeling like we're mates cause that's my nickname. I won and I'm calling my bestie back to back to tell her to fling them straighteners on and to choose a heeled boot so we can look as lovely and tall as Maya lol.

She didn't answer so the text literally read


She called back asap.

Cut to arriving at Electric Cinema in Shoreditch, we were gassed the DM from Maya said there would be a drinks reception and canapés so we are already feeling fancy as f***.

We get inside and I wanna take blog pics but no one else has a camera out so I'm trying to take pictures on the down low at first just of the food, the vibes, my outfit and that kind of thing because I knew this blog post would be in the works.

Melons with Maya Jama sponsored by Freya

The best bit about going to watch the Podcast live is that I actually listen to it as soon as it comes out, usually on my way to work. I've never listened to a podcast either and only just found out that iPhones comes with a Podcast App, who knew? Check ya phones lol. Since Maya was on it I was thinking she usually puts out a positive and realistic point of view mixed in with pure jokes so let me give it a try, it was such an easy listen, it just sounded like a chat with you and your mates about any and everything. Topics varied from dumping and being dumped, mental and physical health and career advice. With a new panel each podcast I was cracking up alone on my way to work probably looking like a complete weirdo but like a happy complete weirdo with a sense of humour at least. Choosing Maya to talk about these issues was great for Freya because I wasn't familiar with the brand prior to listening to the Podcast and now I am sure they have gained a lot of new customers. Like me for example because there swimwear goes up to a size K and as a big busted woman, this bring me loads of joy.

On the live panel was Maya, Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud), Samantha Barks and Angela Scanlon. I laughed until almost crying at jokes like Samantha having a main as lasagne on Christmas day as she's a veggie, not sure if it was the many glasses of Champagne or what but the Podcast was even better live, facial expressions are everything.

Melons Podcast Live With Maya Jama

Afterwards we had the opportunity to get our bra sizes fitted and a little Freya goody bag. I didn't see Maya so found the girl who took our names on the door and was like

'Hi hun, is Maya coming back?'

I was thinking I am not leaving this place without telling this woman that she is great but of course she came back and I grabbed her for a picture which she was happy to take and she sat with us for about 20 minutes just talking about stuff. The conversation was so normal we told her 'we know everyone probably says you could be there mate but no really, we could be your friends'. She was so chill, we spoke about Social Media, Personal Life, Work Life and as she doesn't like Champagne I finished hers for good luck & prosperity so will let you guys know how that goes.

I told her about this Tweet I posted for my 'Social Media vs. Mental Health' blog post and the side by side I did of her telling all girls everywhere that no one is perfect, she definitely isn't and that we shouldn't let social media trick us into believing everything we see.

@MayaJama Twitter

She was like 'That was you?' I was like 'yeah :D', so I'm not sure if that means we're BFFS now or if she's going to follow me back anytime soon but all I'm saying is #WorkingProgress. Thank you Maya you are amazing, thanks for being lovely.

Selfie on Maya Jama Snapchat

Melons Podcast Live With Maya Jama

On a final and more serious note

This life we are living is a bloody hard one. Social Media has basically given us the rules we need to live by to be seen as 'cool' and if you don't fit into that box the no one is really interested in what you're selling. The truth is we need to focus on our lives offline, make sure your family and health are good, make sure there is food in your fridge, money in your account and don't feel pressured to keep up with an online lifestyle that no one is really living, not even Bow Wow.

Maya thanks for all of the good vibes you're sending out there, as you can see it definitely isn't going unnoticed. Thanks to Freya for bringing us an amazing Podcast and thanks to Maya's manager for choosing me as a winner, love.

Check out

Anyway I'm off to make my pic with Maya my header on all social media for a good few years, over & out.

Melons Podcast Live With Maya Jama

Melons Podcast Live With Maya Jama

Melons Podcast Live With Maya Jama

Electric Cinema Shoredtich

Melons Podcast Live With Maya Jama

Melons Podcast Live With Maya Jama

Shirt: Missguided

Jeans: New Look

With Love,

Shay RS x

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