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Hey world,


wig colour & cut: @stylesbycokes_x

No need for a super long intro just wanted to do something a little more personal. 50 facts. Straight to the point. Feel free to close the tab if you get bored at any point. Be fair, give it a Facebook like before you go though.

one. I have a scar above my left eyebrow from when I jumped off of the swing in Year.7. Trying to ignore teachers and trying to look cool will leave you on a brick wall and your skull on show kids.

two. If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life, I'm going with King Prawn Pasta, with a side salad (balsamic dressing) and garlic bread. Why are cabs heaven and hell at the same time?

three. I have been a Pescatarian for 1 year.

four. If I could have a superpower for a day, obviously I would be invisible because I am sooo nosey.

five. My favourite songs are

five(a) Bob Marley ft. Lauren Hill - Turn your lights down low

five(b) Queen - Don't stop me now

five(c) Michael Jackson - One more chance

five(d) Rihanna - Stay

five(e) Whitney Houston - Your love is my love

six. My biggest guilty pleasure is Cookie Dough Ice-cream and Chocolate Digestives. I don't allow myself to buy a pack because I'll them all and then cry.

seven. I lost my eyesight once when I was 15 for half an hour and I have never been more scared. The Doctor said "It happens to people of your age at times." Ooook if that helps you sleep at night Doc.

eight. I have one sister and two devils. Sorry, brothers I meant brothers :)

nine. I am lactose intolerant like basically everyone and can enjoy an upset stomach and green poo when I ignore it.

ten. My unpopular opinion is that I love the Olsen Twins.

eleven. I believe that mushrooms were sent on this earth to destroy us.

twelve. Orphan Black is the best series I've ever watched.

thirteen. Helena is my favourite character from Orphan Black and Tatiana Masalany is a genius.

fourteen. I was born in Lewisham, London. #saafldn

fifteen. I studied Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing at Southampton Solent Uni. *holds back tears while remembering the best time of my life*

sixteen. I am currently regretting typing out the words of numbers instead of the actual numbers #long.

seventeen. I started blogging because I wanted to express myself, I enjoy writing and I wanted others to feel like there was a regular blogger who they could relate to.

eighteen. My favourite blog post of mine is Dear Dark Girls.

nineteen. I know all of the words to Mean Girls and Love & Basketball and I am not ashamed.

twenty. I have been best friends with my lil soulmate Jess since 2002. 15 whole years.

twenty-one. My favourite cocktail is a pornstar martini but I feel like there is way better and fancier out there that I haven't tasted yet but for now this is my go-to.

twenty-two. My best physical feature in my humble opinion, well, I always say I like my brows but Rianna will argue with me to say lips, so lips.

twenty-three. My favourite nicknames are Shay and Dolly. First of all, Shay isn't even my name and Dolly makes me feel super cute and kind things I aspire to be at some point.

twenty-four. I think I prefer cuddling to kissing cause in winter you can just snuggle and I can't always be bothered for lipsing lol.

twenty-five. I am currently wondering how I am only half way through when I have already told you my life story at this point but ok.

twenty-six. My sarcasm is out of control as my friends no longer know when I am joking or not. Not sure If I know anymore either but I cannot be stopped.

twenty-seven. The thing I am most passionate about on this earth is children.

twenty-eight. My favourite talk show is Ellen, Ellen is wonderful.

twenty-nine. My favourite albums are

twenty-nine(a). Lauryn Hill - TMEOLH

twenty-nine(b). Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

twenty-nine(c). Kanye West - Graduation & TLOP

twenty-nine(a). Solange - A Seat at the Table

thirty. My favourite subject in school was English, hence the whole mag journalism and blogging thing. Then Graphics at GSCE level.

thirty-one. My first job was working in my family's Caribbean restaurant 'The Waterfall' in Penge. Such good times and my belly was always full.

thirty-two. My biggest fear is heights but I am getting better at that cause I went on a 700ft Sky Explorer in Jamaica last year.

thirty-three. My worst habit is rubbing my face :( which just makes my skin look terrible and I really wish it would stop :(

thirty-four. I have been on hols to Jamaica, Toronto, Florida, New York, Venice, Croatia, Barcelona, Ayia Napa, Paris, Wales and Scotland.

thirty-five. My favourite food is Lasagne.

thirty-six. My favourite smells are the dry-cleaners, petrol, bleach and Sam.

thirty-seven. My go-to drink is Vod&Coke, judge if you wish. Also a good Prosecco and Elderflower when I'm feeling slightly classier.

thirty-eight. I have two pets, an overexcited Yorkshire Terrier called Oscar and a calm and anti-social cat called Eli. Both boys. They really balance each other out.

thirty-nine. I don't think my name means anything my mum got it from 'Sharane' in house party, my real name is sharaye btw. Sha-ray if there are any substitute teachers still struggling to read names out there.

forty. I was on the Netball team in school, I miss it. I need to look for an adult team actually. Anyone down?

forty-one. The Help, P.S I love you, The Notebook, Titanic, Seven Pounds, Fruitvale Station and My Sisters Keeper are my go to cry films.

forty-two. The most played songs on my iTunes are

forty-two(a). Dexta Daps - Shabba Madda Pot

forty-two(b). Stormzy - Big for your boots

forty-two(c). Stormzy - Wicked Skeng Man p.4

forty-two(d). Stormzy - Return of the Rucksack

forty-two(e). Solange - Weary

forty-three. My birthday is in Feb and so I'm an Aquarius and yes all the rumours about Aquarius' are true.

forty-four. My go to piece of jewellery are small gold hoops. Best things in life and cannot live without them,

forty-five. A few things on my Christmas list are a ring light and some new docs.

forty-six. If I could have a dinner party with 5 celebs I would choose

Issa Rae, Zoe Kravitz, Solange, Rihanna and Nicole Richie

I think these lot would be funny and be like me and mesh well so yeah.

forty-seven. The first thing I do when I wake up is close my eyes again and try and fall back asleep.

forty-eight. My favourite clothes shops are Zara & vintage shops. 85% of my wardrobe are from these places.

forty-nine. My go to online websites are Oyster Magazine and Netflix

fifty. My goal in life is to be happy, be successful, raise some happy kids and live a happy life.

The end.

wig colour & cut: @stylesbycokes_x

With Love,

Shay RS x

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