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Fashion Blogger on a bench

Top: Pretty Little Thing Leggings: Fashion Nova Coat: Bershka Trainers: Vans Location: The Woods Seat: The bench

I wanted to rebrand, I wanted a new name that fit who I am and one that came with a purpose 'A Seat with Shay' was inspired by Solange's 'A Seat at the Table'. The album spoke volumes to me back on the underground in 2017, The Jubilee line to be exact. For the first time in a long time I could listen to every song on an album with ease, with pleasure even. Solange knew exactly how to keep you from pressing that skip button. The album was so soft, the music glided through my headphones all while being strong, motivating, exhilarating and SO POWERFUL, it made me want to do the big chop just so I could tell people 'Don't touch my hair', a nod to past self who let people touch my afro with ease.

A Seat at the Table is intimate, it is conversation with my best friend. That's how I've always wanted this blog to be, as if you are conversing with your friend about 'The Ways of the World'. So as much as Dear Humans With Love was amazing and brought me so many opportunities, I was hoping to be a little more candid, a little more grown and a little more POWERFUL with you all if you will have me. They'll always be a glass of Prosecco and a juicy conversation waiting here for you.

Each quarter there will be new A Seat with Shay image featuring myself, a seat and a story. To feature any products, clothing or items in the homepage and blog imagery please contact me on

Love, Shay.

Fashion Blogger on a bench

Fashion Blogger on a bench

Fashion Blogger on a bench


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