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2019, I needed you. I am not a cliché 'New year, New me' person, I promise. I would also be lying if I said that I don't look forward to the new year and the feeling of a clean slate. I am that fresh notepad, fresh bed sheets and a set of new whiteboard goals kind of person. January 1st, is a day I crave after a boozy Christmas-new-years-and-all-of-the-days-inbetween. January 1st is that moment in an action film when you wake up to realise it was just a dream. I am human, I can survive without alcohol and I can go to bed before 3am. Here's to feeling human again.

Update: I'm finishing this post at 1am (slightly human).

In the countdown to NYE we all scramble to put our best work of the year or 'memories' on social media. My most treasured memories included a birthday party with friends, day parties with my cousins and lots of bed days with Sam. I found my 'best pics' of 2018 and posted them on IG stories in true NYE fashion. Looking back at my story and chatting to so many of you guys through DM made me realise that 2018 wasn't terrible, in fact it was actually a good year for me.

Black British Blogger

Skirt: Pretty Little Thing Jumper: Primark Bag: Topshop Hair: stylesbycokes_x

1. I had a summer full of day parties, festivals and just good old family and prosecco time. Every memory was shared with my cousins as always. We did too much, took it too far and panicked over PLT orders but it was all worth it.

There was one particular event that we all did the MOST for. You know that one event that everyone MUST look amazing for but you overthink it and ruin it. We must've ordered about 30 outfits between us, I had one cousin trying to match her outfit to the venue, I cut my amazing Peruvian locks literally 5 seconds before leaving the house all in the name of a 'lewk' and long story short, I taught myself a lesson that day. Next time an event makes me that stressed, I am not going.

2. I went on two amazing holidays in August. Ibiza for my friend's 25th birthday. I'm glad to have ticked this party destination off of my list and then a family wedding in Greece which was breathtakingly. Sidenote: and all-inclusive alcohol is nothing but a vibe and a mess, love it.

Family holidays are always treat, a literal treat but I'm also doing sarcasm because some sh*t always goes down. Would it be a family holiday if some sh*t didn't go down? I think not.

3. I rebranded this blog. I had great highs, worked with some amazing companies and felt like I found my place in this blogging world. More to come in 2019.

Topshop DM'd me, I worked with Warehouse, Clive Christian and many more. Forever grateful.

Black British Blogger

I'm not setting any concrete goals to feel rubbish about not completing 11 months from now, no thanks. Instead I'm just focusing on enjoying my life pre-children, pre-mortgage, pre-more-than-a-few-bills and before I have to become even more responsible than I am forced to be right now.

I am truly enjoying life but towards the end of the year I have definitely seen a shift in my desires and what makes me happy. I'm hoping this change will organically transpire in 2019. What are you planning for 2019?

Love, Shay.

Black British Blogger

Black British Blogger

Black British Blogger



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