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First date expectations, interracial couple

I haven't done a post where I get the opinions of my readers in a little while. You can see a few interesting ones here

I feel like there is an awkwardness to dating in 2017 and a lot, a lot of pressure. Are guys and girls worrying about the same things, do the sexes first date expectations meet or are we worlds apart? I spoke to a few girls and guys to find out.


GUY A: "To prepare for a date I'l never tell the mandem, I don't know it's just a private thing. I won't discuss it with anyone but her and I know she'll probably tell her girls but that's cool. I also prefer the date to be low-key, I'm not trying to be caught slipping. Once I was on a date and someone whispered 'slipping' at me in the car park, until this day I don't know who that was. You don't know where it's gonna go so I'm not trying to be seen. I'll offer to pay but I'm not going to argue with her if she insists more than twice. I'll check her socials and give her that CRB check way before the first date."

GIRL A: "I don't really mind where I go on a first date, preferably one where you can have at least one alcoholic beverage but the best date I've been on didn't include drinks so it's not a must. I don't expect guys to plan because their organisational skills never meet my own but it impresses me when they do and when they have an input on where we go. I prepare by sending my best friends about 10 outfit choices and narrowing them down to one. Also a text at the end of the night is good just checking you got home and saying they had a nice time (if they did), I feel like it ends the night nicely."

GIRL B: "I expect nothing too grand, but something that shows effort was made. Something where we can have convo, like dinner. No activities on the first date where I would have to worry about sweating etc."

GUY B: "I'll pay but I always wanna see a girl grab her wallet, not grab as in she's faking it but I want to see her actually offer to pay. After a date me and my boys usually talk about how she looked, what she was wearing, her personality and we don't believe in kissing on a first date, you don't know where those lips have been lol."

GUY C: "I haven't been on many first dates tbh. My response is probably boring but umm all I expect is for a girl to be herself and contribute to the vibe, if that makes sense? I'm open for locations as long as it isn't cinema."


GIRL C: "Me trying to be open minded as a serial dater I stepped outside my comfort zone and agreed to go on a date with someone who I wouldn’t usually go for, he messaged me on Instagram. We were talking for about 2 weeks and he seemed really nice (even though I never met him in person) so I agreed to go on the a date with him and he planned it really well. I had to meet him in central London during rush hour (bad idea) I was stuck in traffic and tried to reschedule cause of the time I was waiting but he said it was fine. When I arrived at the restaurant I was really late but I did let him know the whole way that I was going to be - I apologised for being late and sat down, but his whole attitude changed lol he barely said hello to me. They held the table for us so we went to sit down, he sat on his phone the whole time so had 0 eye contact with me. I asked him if everything was ok and if he was annoyed because I was late. He replied it’s CALM! I then apologised again and asked if he wanted to leave it for another day he said it was fine. During the meal - still 0 eye contact he then took a picture of his footwear under the table, I asked him what he was doing and he said the camera accidentally went off looooooool I really should have got up and left because he was being so rude but I was hungry man! At the end of the meal I tried to pay for my half and he said “how dare you insult me” worst date ever! - I wanted something different and I guess I got it."

GUY B: "My best first date was when I took my girl at the time to Go Ape. The reason being is that I don't like talking over a table for a first date, I think that's a bit boring. Especially if you've just met someone, I prefer an activity, there's more engagement and it's more fun and relaxed. I prefer things like Bowling and Ice-skating. If she's boring and can't hold a conversation then dinner dates are really awkward. I do dinner dates after like the first 3 dates."

GIRL D: "I went on a date earlier on this year. The second I turned onto his road my tyre popped because I hit a curb. We had to go to the mechanics around the corner, he paid to get the tyre changed. Eventually we got the pub which I liked and had a nice meal. Afterwards I went back to his house to get to know him a bit more because he was close with a friend of mines I didn’t think anything of it. THEN as I was talking to him he took out some white powder from a shoe box. At that moment I knew it was drugs, I RAN out of his flat so fast and into my car before I could say goodbye. He apologised but what kind of MAN is that?"

GIRL E: "One first date story is when a guy begged and begged me to go to a bar then when it came to paying I was saying no like it's alright, I will pay for my drink but he made a scene that he was paying so I was like alright cool. Then he asked if I wanted another drink at this point I think he expected me to get the same drink but I got a cocktail it was quite expensive aswell like £12 so I ordered it and he obviously didn't bring enough cash, I felt so awkward for him. Obviously he then had to ask me if I had change, I think it was £6 so I gave him £10 and then when he tried to give me back the change I told him to keep it. He stood next to me with his hand out for about 10 seconds with the £4 in his palm, it was soo awkward... guys this single life ain't for me."

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