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Hey Humans,

Just thought I would share my daily thoughts with you guys. Making life changes, HBO's Insecure, working in the creative industry and balancing work and a relationship are all on my mind today.

  1. If you are unhappy with something in your life, change it.

Ok so there are a few things in my life that occur quite regularly and I find them mentally draining. Somehow I end up in the same situation year after year and it just took that one light bulb moment to remind myself that I’m not a house, If I don’t like where I am, I can move. So I'm moving.

Change with effect is a process but you need to make the decision and then follow through with actions to make those much needed life adjustments.

This is where I'm at today, if I am still complaining about the same thing next year then that's on me.

2. Creative jobs when you aren't feeling creative

Being creative is what makes me feel alive, I feel like I am where I’m meant to be in the world. My creative outlets are writing, photography and creating content but additionally cooking, painting and singing using my Beyonce like angelic voice, feeds my creative soul.

A job that relies on my creative brain has proven to be difficult and I didn’t know how hard it would be until now. There are days in the month when my brain is just like ‘nope, not today, I just wanna hang’ but I’m like ‘well no, yes today cause deadlines and schedules’.

The brain usually wins but we’re still battling this one out. Like any job sometimes I just need to get up and put my mind to it. It doesn’t feel as wonderful as it usually does when it comes naturally but there are days when you just need to focus and work a little harder than usual to get the job done, these are the days that make a difference.

I like to bounce ideas off of my friends when I’m tight on creativity cause two heads vs. one, two heads win.

For more in depth ways to beat your creative block read my post here.

3. I’ve just started watching HBO's Insecure and here’s why you should too.

Ok so, new favourite show alert. Insecure, you are my life and you are wonderful. Ok, so it follows the life of a vibrant and slightly awkward Issa, played by Issa Rae as she deals with her life flaws.

Reasons Insecure is everything (bullet points inside bullet points #organisation)

  1. It’s silly funny, like ha-ha out loud in the middle of the night funny. I’m mad I’ve been watching it by myself because I wish I had someone to laugh with.

  2. It’s unapologetically black. The main cast is black and I don’t mean Olivia Pope black I mean unapolgetticaly black like your family members at the cookout.

  3. It’s so relatable. It touches on growth as a woman, struggles at work, sexuality, relationships, life decisions and it does so while visually pleasing the audience with beautiful cinematography.

I'm a little late to the insecure party but I hope this post made up for it.

4. When you and your partner are both busy

Omg the free time I had in college is well and truly missed. Lol @ thinking I was busy because I had to go to a birthday dinner and a family function on the same weekend and would miss my ‘sunday bed day’. Sunday bed days = goals. When both you and your partner are working hard and I mean crazy hard on your dreams, spending time together can be difficult. I mean like real lengthy napping, cooking and watch movies spending time together.

When you are committed to your relationship it makes it a lot easier. Along with commitment, there needs to be a lot of communication about your schedules and making plans etc. nothing is a problem once communicated well with the other person. In addition to this you absolutely MUST make an effort, both of you. If someone is understanding when you are busy you must make an effort to make time and plans when you can. Patience at this time will go along way.

So that's what is on my mind today humans. What's on yours? Leave me a comment below on how your week is going so far.

With Love,

Shay RS x

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