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Hey Humans,

Liebster Awards Discover New Blogs

I was tagged by Camila over at for the Liebster Awards - thank you girl.

The Liebster Awards are a tag that promotes new bloggers with smaller followings.

The rules are

- Answer the questions you were asked

- Tag 11 people who have under 200 twitter followers

- Create 11 new questions

- Recognise who tagged you

My Questions

1. What's the most difficult thing about blogging, so far?

I would say finding the time, I have so many ideas but it isn't practical to do them as fast as they come to mind. I need to wait for time, money and sometimes others to put everything in place.

Also the fact that I have to rely on Social Media so much. It is amazing, it's free advertising but at the same time I just wanna not have to use it and use it when I fancy.

2. Can you name 3 Blogs you look up to?

Reading Hannah Gale really helped me improve my writing, everyday I kept finding myself back on her blog because I just adored the way she wrote and wanted to know what she was up to next, it feels like she's my friend.

Hannah Louise F I really love her style and visuals so I would definitely say her.

With Love Yossy has a beautiful aesthetic that can be seen on her blog and social media accounts, I love the consistency.

3. What's your opinion about Social Media?

It can be amazing. It can help to inform of us worldly issues, news can get out faster, it can help to find missing people and we can all speak up on what we believe in. In terms of for blogging, I don't really know how anyone would read my blog if I didn't have it. The majority of my blog readers click on my social links so yeah, very much needed.

It is also a crazy and dangerous place at times, which I spoke about on my Social Media VS. Mental Health post. 12 year old girls feel like they have to post provocative pics so that people will like them or so that they will look like celebrities. People leave nasty comments on YouTube and stuff. It can be a bit much and I worry about some people using it with mental health issues. There needs to be a healthy balance with social media and stricter rules need to be in place in terms of online bullying.

4. What's your favourite Song/Album/Artist?

I feel like I have to write a few to showcase my music taste range, lol.


Bob Marley Ft. Lauryn Hill - Turn Your Lights Down Low

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

Michael Jackson Ft. Paul McCartney - The Girl Is Mine

Michael Jackson - One More Chance

Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love

omgomgomg I should stop but also Rihanna - Stay, Kanye - Homecoming


A Seat At The Table - Solange

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, TLOP, Graduation - Kanye

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill - L Boogs


Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Kanye, Lauryn Hill

5. Have you travelled somewhere recently? If Yes, Where? If not, Where would you like to go?

I went to Wales last weekend, blog post coming soon. Also went to Barcelona at the beginning of the month - blog post is here.

6. What's your favourite sport?

Netball cause it's the only one I am good at, looking to join a team soon.

7. Where are you from?

What you mean, my passport, where I was born, where I live? United Kingdom, Lewisham, London lol

8. What's a place in your country that you would like to visit?

The Lake District and Cornwall.

9. What's the thing someone said or did that you loved?

My boyfriend sent me balloons and cupcakes for my blog anniversary, it's such a small and amazing gesture that I wouldn't of thought of doing.

10. Summer Song of the Year?

WILD WILD WILD WILD THOUGHTS and then it's slowly transforming into BODAK YELLOW, yes.

11. Do you have a favourite Fictional character?

Helena, Orphan Black.


Gemms | @wordsbygemms |

Jasmin | @ughmango |

Jessica Rose | @RosieJessTweets |

Jay Husdon | @__Jayslove__ |

Fatha | @Fathaaa_H |

I'm supposed to tag 11 of you but I cannot spend another 40 minutes looking for bloggers with under 200 followers, lol sooo hard. Don't forget to tag me in your post so I can see all of your answers loves.

My Questions to You

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. Aside from Blogging what hobbies do you have?

3. What is your favourite TV series?

4. What is your personal favourite blog post you have written and why?

5. What is your favourite film and why?

6. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

7. Who is your favourite blogger?

8. What was your favourite school subject and why?

9. If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?

10. If you could only follow 5 Instagram accounts who would they be?

11. What is your favourite food?

I loved answering these questions, thank you Camila, I know it took me nearly 3 months to do it lol.

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With Love,

Shay RS x


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