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Hey Humans,

Black blogger denim skirt and white shirt street style

Bittersweet post today.

I have been thinking and it just isn't working out between Dear Humans With Love and I. This blog (which is my absolute baby by the way) stemmed from me wanting to express myself with my writing, it stemmed from a book I am working on about people and love and the world. Things I will always be passionate about but as you do in all relationships, I have evolved.

Over a year ago I started this blog hoping to write about positivity, people and well-being. Dear Humans With Love was the perfect name for my cute little lifestyle blog. I have worked so hard in recent months on SEO, Increasing my Domain Authority and being #1 on the Google search engine but it is time for a change.

Don't worry, my words and grainy pictures are not leaving you. The truth is I am really falling in love with the art of blogging. I have learnt so much in the past year and I am finally seeing results. I get 'blogging', so much that I don't think my content suits the name anymore and I need to be realistic if I want longevity with my brand. It is time for a rebrand. I love the ideas I had when I first started this blog but those aren't what I want to write about anymore and I want my blog to completely feel like me.

I had a little help, I did a poll on Twitter and 70% of people agreed that Dear Humans With Love does not suit the name of a edgy lifestyle brand. I want it to feel like your best-friend who you can share all of your secrets with, I want it to feel like your favourite handbag that makes you feel golden when you are carrying it, I want it feel like your drunken truths and your unbeareable hangover, I want it to be realistic, honest and like you're drinking Prosecco with me on a Friday evening, cause that's what I'm usually doing, wbu?

I love fashion.

I love making you guys laugh.

I love blogging the cool places I am visiting.

and I love showing the personal bits of my life like


I have outgrown my cute little blog that I hoped my family would read if they had a minute and despite many of you begging me not to let this blog go... it is time. I always want to connect with humans, sing positivities praises and practice well-being but it will just be in a different way, if that's ok.

I will have a new domain name, a new brand identity and a cooler blog that is more 'Shay'. I feel like I know where I fit as a blogger now. There are so many of us out there and I have met so many Blogger friends on Twitter, so if you feel like you know where you 'fit in' and what your niche is then you need to grab it by the balls and blog away.

This blog will be here until my full rebrand is ready. All of my posts will still be here as I am just revamping this site and strengthening my brand identity as a blogger. I'm not putting a date on it because I've learnt not to do that and that would put way too much pressure. When it is all set to go, you will know.

Of course I'm sad about losing my SEO ranking etc. but hey you gotta do what's right for you.

You can click on the 'HOME' page to subscribe to my blog and be notified when the rebrand is here, you will not be disappointed my loves.

I am so passionate about this blog that my content can no longer be mediocre, I am ready to put everything I have into this thing.


Black blogger denim skirt and white shirt street style

Black blogger denim skirt and white shirt street style

Lifestyle blogger now gallery camille walala

Lifestyle blogger now gallery camille walala

Lifestyle blogger now gallery camille walala

Lifestyle blogger now gallery camille walala

NOW Gallery - O2 Peninsuls Square

Shay x

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