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Me, Ri and Shuki decided to make a cute dinner under £15 and blog about. This post was written by Rianna as she was the Chef of the day (most link ups). Find out how we made this tasty dinner below.

Dear Humans (With Love LOL),

With the weather being somewhat disappointing for August (it feels like October) me and my 2 friends decided to have a dinner party on a budget. We decided to stick to a budget of £15 to feed 4 adults, not including the powder seasonings as they can always be found in your mums cupboard BUT if you don't have these they can be bought in afro-caribbean food shops on ends. If you do not live 'on ends' you can probably afford to make a better meal than this, in which case look away now LOL. No honestly, afro-caribbean shops are common in most areas of London and sell various fruit, veg, and caribbean and african food products, if you don't live near one, you can buy the 'Dunns River' brand of powdered seasonings in Tesco, at the moment they are on an offer of 3 for 2 pounds.

Ingredients List:

Tiger Prawns £5 (By weight)

Organic Garlic 80p

Potatoes £1

Parsley 70p

Lacto-Free Cream £2.40

Asparagus & Broccoli Pack £2

Corn on the cob £1

Avocado £1

Lemon 15p

Spring Onion 50p

Total: £14.55 ;)

I am the queen of ballin' on a budget when it comes to most aspects in life, which is why I liked the challenge of a meal for 4 for such a low price. Potatoes are always a good staple cupboard item, they should always be in the house. They are super cheap, they are filling and theres so much you can do with them. Just don't go on a carb free diet lol.

The tiger prawns were bought at a local fishmonger. I asked for £5 worth, of which I counted 23 prawns. Cleaned them as soon as i got home, and seasoned with all purpose, BBQ seasoning, garlic powder, coarse black pepper, lemon juice, 1 head of garlic, and a spring onion. I would have added honey, but as you can see, it wasnt in the budget. Its a nice touch though if you can stretch. I put a knob of butter in a large pan, allowed it to melt down, and sautéed the prawns until cooked through.

For the dauphinoise potatoes, I sliced the whole bag of potatoes and blanched them in hot water to lessen the oven cooking time. Whilst I was doing this, one of my assistants (Sharaye or possibly Shuki) sliced 3 heads of garlic for me, they're great girls, honestly. I layered the potatoes into a large glass dish (oven proof obvs), and after one layer of potato, sprinkled some of the chopped garlic, garlic powder, crushed black pepper, the cream and continued to do until the dish was full. Oven bake for about 45 mins. You can add cheese if you like but.. #WasntInTheBudget

The asparagus and broccoli can be boiled together in a medium pot with a teaspoon or two of salt. Once they are cooked and have been drained I put in a tablespoon of butter and coarse black pepper for flavour.

Corn on the cob? Chuck it under the grill for about 10 minutes, regularly turning and smother in butter.

I hope this has given you a nice idea to invite your girls round for a last minute Friday night dinner party, even if you are working with a small budget.

With Love,

Rianna Marie x


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