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Ah, I’ve made it. Not sure what I have made it to but this is my first real milestone. 1 whole year of me releasing my mind to all of you people. I was tres anxious on 1/08/2016, I forced myself to pick a date at random because as typical creatives do I would’ve been working on my blog for months and months trying to ‘perfect’ it. Nothing is perfect, should I make a joke about exempting Beyoncé from that statement or nah?

I have had amazing months with blog posts that you guys have completely loved and I can see that in my stats.

HOW TO DO FRESH ISLAND FESTIVAL – I think because people genuinely wanted to know how to… well do Fresh Island Fest.

HOW TO KEEP A MAN – Partly because I think people were curious to see what I knew about keeping a man at 23 and partly because it was stupidly funny.

THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUNG MUMS – I follow a lot of young mummies and I think it was sweet and relatable.

SECONDARY SCHOOL MEMORIES – cause, best time of our pretty little lives.

WHY I HATE INSTAGRAM – cause, I think deep down we all do. Sometimes we just wanna post ourselves face down on the sofa with pizza in hand and coke in another.

You babes, were the class favourites so thank you for you know being written by me and being clickable and readable and enjoyable.

As life does, I have also struggled some months. I have been too busy, depressed or lacked motivation to post anything and I feel this huge cloud of guilt hanging over my head as I crawl out of bed to go and make Crunchy Nut with Lactofree Milk for 1 minute in the microwave + Spoon.

Here is what I have learnt about myself and blogging in the past 365 days.

I want to work for myself fulltime. Not just blogging, I have some other ventures here and there but I know that this is where I want to be full time so I am working hard to get there.

Word of mouth is still a viable source. I didn’t really share my blog much to people I met unless they asked or it came up in conversation. I felt weird for self-promoting but most people actually checked it out and enjoyed it.

Black Blogging is a thing, like most industries ethnic minorities aren’t favoured. Joining black blogging and hashtagging #BlackBlogger on my posts has helped other liked minded bloggers find my blog and vice versa.

Reading other bloggers that I enjoy regularly has helped me to find my own writing style and improve my writing. Reading what you like makes it easier for you to write what you want to read yourself.

I have a short attention span. Those 30 minute lunch breaks watching a Netflix series, lead to naps and more Netflix series’ and should be banned.

I LOVE BLOGGING. I love the blogging community and it makes me feel like I have loads of online mates that I hope come to my birthday party.

Last but not least the biggest thank and I love you to my boyfriend for surprising me with these lovely cupcakes and balloons for my blogiversay, thank you for caring but actually really caring and listening and giving me advice and all of the rest.

Thank you to SG Capture for the short video on - you can check it out on my instagram ''. @Yayascake - these cupcakes were amazing, thank you so much, everyone support.

Please subscribe to blog with your email, share this post if you have liked any of my content at any point, heck share it if you don’t, share it if you can relate to the awkwardness of being a small blogger, share it if you woke up this morning and I hope to see you here next year. Race you there.


Subscribe also, thank you.

With the most love,

Shay RS x


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