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My family are so loud and extra, it is pretty much the best family to be apart of. My cousin Rob planned a family beach trip, which was overdue because tbh we used to do family trips all the time and after a while it just all died down and we really needed to do more outings together again, even if there is 609 of us.

We booked a coach to take us from South East London to Margate which took (I don't know, but not long at all). We arranged to take off at 8:30am and left at about 8:31am, Lol jk, we're black so obviously left at 9:30.

The weather was warm, cold and hot at different parts of the day and didn't actually rain so that was a handy despite it pouring down the day before, we got very lucky. We hired wind breakers and a gazebo to shelter us from rain, shine or fall because we are oh so practical and forward thinking.

The best part was probably spending hours in the arcade trying to win stuff but in actual fact you just win tickets to get prizes at the gift shop which in actual fact are just toys and keyrings so in actual fact we wasted our money but it was sooo much and obviously that is what it is all about. Who doesn't lose their mind and money in the arcade on beach trips?

Second best part, obviously fish and chips. Evennnn though they cost £6.30 and I ate less than half, you cannot go to the beach and not stick to British beach traditions. £6.30 well spent I say.

The last time I went on a family each trip I was 15 so it was amazing to come back 8 years later with all of our new babies and kids who weren't even alive before, n'aww.

I love my family man, Rob what is next?


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