Bitches be like, my new babies. But seriously, my new babies.

How sweet are these earrings from *drumroll for predictable answer please* Zara. Yes, I know Zara… again. I just had to buy these. I basically wear gold hoops every day and thought these really suited my style and yet didn’t stray too far from my gold hoop aesthetic.

They were a completely worth it tenner and I think they look extra cute with a sleek ponytail or high bun, something that shows off their brilliance.

Disclaimer: Older family members will ask where the rest of your earrings are because they will genuinely be confused about the difference in length.

But you’ll feel cool and hip letting them know that it’s the style of the ‘youth of today’.

Are you guys into my gold Zara earrings?


With Love,

Shay RS x