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Dear Humans,

When you aren’t blogging full time, it can feel like there just isn’t enough hours in the day to create content, this is something I am still struggling with. I feel like that picture of the man running on an hour glass, the sand just fades away and then boom it's midnight again and I should probably get some sleep.

I always thought ‘I just don’t have the time to get dressed up’ to take pictures. I also knew that the imagery and written content for my blog were just as important and no one wants to read a blog with pretty pictures and crap content or vice versa. I'm now in a little bit of a routine that has allowed me to feel like I am qualified to write this blog post.


Having a blog that focuses on the things I am actually doing, the outfits I am actually wearing out (not just for Instagram) and the things that are genuinely on my mind has made it easier for me to create content. My blog focuses on London Events / Places, London Style and my London Mind. This means I can easily document the places I am already visiting in London, I fit this in on weekends or on the evenings, of course my camera now has to come almost everywhere with me but it's a small price to pay. My outfit posts are either the outfit I am actually wearing that day, my sister will take some 'candid' snaps of me before I leave the house or if I have some spare hours in my evening I will take some posed pictures for structured outfit posts e.g. 3 WAYS TO STYLE A BLACK-T.


My old method of writing when a blog post is due just doesn’t work for me anymore, I can’t choose when I feel inspired or motivated. So whenever I do I will write in bulk, for example I am on to my second post for the day and will no doubt write a few more when I get home. It means that when I am feeling uninspired I do not have that ‘gulp – I have nothing to post’ feeling.


The big P, is so so so crucial in having a successful blog. It has truly made it so much easier to create content and put it out. Yes, there are times when I can’t even look at the plan because I have so much do. Sometimes I am glad to even post one or two a week but a plan at least keeps me up to date on how I am doing. I can easily schedule my personal life around my blog life by keeping ‘free blogging time’ each day and making sure I have enough planned to keep my content flowing like the river Nile.

Blogging is like a puzzle, a little tricky in the beginning but eventually you get the hang of it. All of the pieces, (pictures, words, editing, planning) work together to create the end result. I hope this was a little helpful for the those of you who have started out and are struggling with blog time management and the real world.

How do you find time to blog?

With Love,

Shay RS x


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