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Dear Humans,

I’ll be documenting more of the places and events I go to on here as I love looking for cool places in London to explore. Dear Humans With Love will mainly be covering London Style (what I’m wearing/inspo), London Events (what I am up to) and London Mind (Cool/Relatable topics).

So this weekend I felt super super fancy tagging along to afternoon tea with my favourite ladies, Aunty Merty, Becks and Candy. For a cute birthday surprise, Can took them both to indulge in scones, cakes and unlimited tea at Radisson Blu, New Providence Wharf. It was a bit of a struggle to keep to time and you know us ladies need to dress accordingly for wherever we are going, a little hard when you have no idea where that is. We requested a table for 4 by the window and they were happy to take our dietary requests etc.

Prepare yourselves for the best advice you will ever receive and always ignore. Never ever ever make a large food order when you are hungry. We were borderline starving waiting for our sandwiches and cakes and made the mistake of ordering hot food before our sandwiches came. Around 5 minutes after we filled up on cheese and onion, beef, ham, salmon and cucumber sandwiches, scones, cupcakes and tarts we were greeted with chips, mini Yorkshire puddings, pork and beef. It is safe to say the diet I had planned isn’t off to a great start… or any start at all.

Oh well, too much food is better than too little, right? Overall the tea, food and Prosecco was lovely. We obviously couldn’t finish all of that food but the hotel were more than happy to put our cupcakes in boxes for us. Afternoon tea is such a cute ever so often treat and is such a sweet birthday idea. Those cupcakes stands filled with pretty sandwiches and cakes are always a ‘look at my cute food’ picture moment and who doesn’t love tea?

I’m looking forward to sharing more moments with you all.

With Love,

Shay RS x


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