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I know my God Sister and Best Friend and Cousin and Favourite Person in the Universe is eagerly awaiting this blog post. For some strange reason she has been waiting since July 1st and has attempted to persuade everyone to celebrate her birthday all month *roll eyes*. (It's actually today and I have not been participating not one bit) because it's finally here and July 21st is all about YOU baby girl (and bit about me, cause I'm your sister).

Ok so first things first this is my favourite person in the universe and if I could be with anyone in the whole entire world doing anything I would choose to be with her. My memory goes far back to Christmas Eve's at Aunty Eula's when my mum and I would pack our bags for a week and move in with Aunty Eul, Becks and Shawnie. Me and Rebecca did everything together, we would sort the presents, tidy the house, watch Home Alone, get bullied my Shawn and prepare for everyone to come over for Christmas the next day.

Since then, Becks taught me every thing I know. Being 5 years older than me means she gets a head start and can always give the best advice on life. She taught me how to do my make-up and hair, told me that the 50 friends I had in Secondary School would soon disappear after college, how to wear heels, how to cure a hangover, how to speak spanish, lol and basically how to do every single thing I capable of doing now. So if you are I'm your mate, then basically she's your best mate too.


I keep trying to figure out at what point did we become so close. I think it is when I moved in with you in college and you did anything you could to make my life a little bit easier. You did my hair, let me borrow your clothes, cooked for me, let me cry to you and not one bit of it was even a tiny bit of an issue. Despite you having your own life to manage.

Bex you are the sweetest, kindest and most loving and loyal person I know. You have always treated us younger cousins like your little sisters and showed us how to treat family. You and the girls would always bring us babies (THE PGs) out with you, dress us up in heels and somehow always get us past the bouncers. We always say we don't really care whats going on with friends or if no one comes to our birthday because we have so many cousins that family is really all we need and it's true.

So I'll be over here continuing to follow in your footsteps, hoping to be just like you when I grow up. You are the bestest friend I could ever ask for and me without you wouldn't really exist. I hope you have the best birthday and if I haven't told you enough times, I love you.


1. Creating our dumb dance routine that we do at family functions on request, our routine for Mercy (swerve), Wine & Jiggle, That move from Sean Paul's dance video and All my friends are dead. hahahaha.

2. When you did my hair in those canerows and curls for that wedding and I hated it so much but you and Laurelle made me go out with it :(

3. When you were in the pool after hours at Sunset Jamaica Grande being a nuisance.

4. Being Aidonia's number 1 fans in Margaritaville. Miss ya Yellow.

5. This idiot joining the synchronised dance crew in Jamaica and then taking over the whole he whole dance by getting up on stage. Lol, best night.


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