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Dear Humans,

Inspired by 'wi..wi..wild thoughts, when i'm wit chu all I get is wild thoughts' here is a post on my wild, 2am on the rooftop with babe kind of thoughts, or in bed at 4am dreaming of Aliens can't sleep kind of thoughts, you decide.

1. What if we are all little characters in some Sims game and none of this is real, we think we are making our own life choices but really it's a 12 year old girl choosing when I 'woohoo' or pee. Aliens actually, it could be Aliens.

2. Why on earth do we not learn practical life lessons in school. I don't understand taxes, mortgages or how to save money and I'm 23.

3. Do my friends actually like me or do they just think 'Damn, I'm in too deep I may as well continue to play along.' 'She takes cool pics of me, so I guess it kind of works.' Feel free to reassure me friends.

4. I wonder what would happen if I jump off the train track and died. Would I be on the news? Who would be sad? Will my friends play Jah Vinci at my funeral like I requested? (I'm not suicidal by the way lol literally think about wild things for like 2 seconds of my day)

5. Adoption is such a beautiful thing, I'm not sure if I could handle it though. It may be too risky cause I've seen Orphan and we all know how that ended.

6. What if I stop chasing my dreams and work in my local chippy. I wouldn't have to pay for travel and free food so seems like a pretty good deal. No but really some people are so content not working hard, sometimes I feel like giving up.

7. I've planned what an amazing mum I will be but everything I plan doesn't always work out so my kids will probably hate me. I'm gonna be the strict one and they'll like their dad more, shame that since I gotta go through birth and everything.

8. I hope Beyonce is filming a day in the life documentary that she will reveal when she dies. Omg what if I die first, I'll never know! I love you B but I hope you go first.

9. Remember that time at aged 12 when you thought you were fat, you silly cow. Look at you now.

10. It's crazy that there a people living in completely different time zones in other countries living their everyday lives, with no clue about the sweaty underground etc. They're just fishing and making jam somewhere. So cute.

11. What about if I have no kids and don't get married. I shouldn't have even typed that.

12. Wish everyone would stop asking me 'So what you doing with yourself now?' after uni... same thing I was doing the last time you asked, getting by and chasing my dreams.

13. I'm almost certain Donald Trump was sent to test mankind, boy did we fail.

14. Have you ever felt so off key in your body that you leave a message on your phone saying that you know something isn't right with you just incase something happens to you. I want the people who look on my phone to know that I knew. However it has never happened so I guess I've never known. I just realised how weird that is, lol but guilty.

15. Omg, my biggest fear is knowing a really important piece of information like who killed someone or the cure to something and dying and the truth never being known. Oh i'm shook just thinking about it.

16a. Hope fairies are real xoxo

16b. Maybe I should have got someone to part my hair for me in the below pics.

Lol, this is me. A cute little twat in a nutshell left alone with my thoughts. See you soon Humans.

With love,

Shay RS x

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