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Hey Humans,

I hear a lot of people talk about blogging as if it is a self-writing, amazing picture capturing, self promoting ball of amazing income, wouldn't that be wonderful. It really isn't that simple guys. I've been slaving away at my laptop for days on end trying to make my blog the best it can be. Let me be honest with you, it is an obsession at this point. I'm meeting up with friends, talking about my blog, at work thinking about my blog or at home - blogging. I have been posting weekly and keeping my content up. My cute sissy takes new pictures of me to go with each blog post and yeah I've got some new readers some I must be doing something correcto-mundo. aka my baby

I began blogging nearly 1 year ago and I realise more each day how much of a 'real job' it is. Obviously blogging is not my full time job, but there are many people who blog for a living and many people who a generate an income from it.

Here is why blogging IS a job

It makes money

First and foremost blogging makes money, so yeah I think it qualifies for a good job. Some blogs make a lot and some aren't making anything, yet. It all depends on your content, reach and professionalism, all which can grow overtime. Blogs can make money in a variety of ways and it takes a business minded person to increase there blogs income monthly. Blogs with a good following can advertise on their blog for a fee through visual adverts monitored by Pay Per Click and promotions or sponsorships. Brands find key bloggers/infleuncers who they feel reach their target audience daily.

It is time consuming

Just like a regular job, blogging takes time out of your day, a lot of time at that. You have to write, edit, plan, take pictures, edit some more and market your blog. If you are bigger blogger you'll also be attending events, meeting with brands for potential collaborations and more. Your blog is your brand and it is always working. Even when you are 'finished working' your mind is constantly on your blog.

Not all blogs are lifestyle blogs

There are so many lifestyle blogs out (yes this is one too), that I think a lot of people forget that there are so many other blog genres. In 2017 when I think of a blog, I think of fashion, make-up and chit-chat type of stuff but there are many blogs that are really insightful and interesting. Music blogs, money saving blogs, pregnancy blogs, art blogs, business advice blogs and more. These kind of blogs will need to do a lot of research for their posts, they usually more than one person working on it and takes a lot to keep up with each month. If you have more than one person working on your blog, definitely a job.

The extra bits

Blogs provide readers with content that is either helpful or entertaining. It is a quick way to gain information on a topic of your choice and can be really helpful for niche subjects like vegan eating, gardening, new mums etc. Bloggers work for themselves and spend a lot of time ensuring their readers return. So yes, blogging is a real job. It pays the bills and it is oh so time consuming, but I love it.

With Love,

Shay RS x


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