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I know it's Thursday but a girls gotta work and sometimes I am a little behind. I really didn't want to miss a week so I am posting this Woman of my Wednesday post on Thursday, please turn a blind eye. This week I decided to share my love for an angel that this world lost back in 2002, it's crazy to think it was 15 years ago. Lisa Left-Eye was one of my favourites and I will continue to love and listen to her despite her not physically being here in this world anymore.


Ah I don't know where to begin, I have watched every single one of her interviews, I basically know her life story but overtime I remember that she is no longer here and actually upsets me, 'why her?' but I know there's a plan and order to this life and it is already written. Lisa died in a car accident in 2002, she was the only person to pass away despite the car being full. I'm mentioning her death now because I want to end this post on the highest note.

Lisa was more than a rapper she was put on this earth before her time and could not be silenced. She spoke about this world in a way that many couldn't understand or relate to. Lisa was most famously known for being apart of the biggest selling female group TLC, she rapped and did some backing singing on the most famous TLC songs No Scrubs, Waterfall and Unpretty. She was small and innocent looking but she was undeniably forward thinking and head strong. I honestly felt like she never really belonged here, while everyone was chilling in 1999 Lisa's mind was in 2010, a lot of people didn't understand her futuristic vibe. It was evident in the way she spoke, her music and her fashion sense. Eventually she went on to work on her own music as TLC's songs began including less of Lisa's raps and she wanted full creative control of her music and art.

Her music wasn't the only thing she made headlines for, it is no secret that Lisa was a firecracker (literally), she liked to drink and spoke on a lot of deep rooted issues in her upbringing. Lisa's dad was a US Army sergeant and bought his extreme strict work life home with him, she also spoke on her grandmother hiding the iron from her so she had to go to school in a creased shirt.

Lisa was not playing when she said

"So if you're serious, I'm curious to see what you got But love is furious cause I believe in blowing up spots"

- On Donell Jones U Know Whats up

Lisa Lopes famously burned down her then boyfriend Andre's house. She set fire to a pair of sneakers in the bath tub after he was out partying until 5am and had bought himself a large number of new sneakers, without buying her any. Obviously she was't trying to burn down the mansion, it must have been true love because they got back together after the incident.

In her later life, Lisa stopped drinking and began detoxing which saw her travel many times to Honduras, the place that would eventually see her lose her life.

Lisa spoke on her relationship with rapper Tupac Shakur whom she claims she had a spiritual connection with, she said she feels like Tupac was a reflection of her. In 1992 Lisa painted Tupac a portrait of himself on the back she wrote a message saying in 10 years the two would be together. Tupac died in 1996, Lisa died in 2002, 10 years later.

“There’s a thin line between genius and insanity — and I always get labelled as being the crazy one.”

“I have always been a very spiritual woman, I think we all have different heavens. Mine will probably be me re-living my life over.”

“By tapping into the sounds of each decade and creating unique ways to tell these stories, we’re confirming our commitment to being the destination for adults who are passionate about music.”

“It was a little weird being in the presence of Tupac, and we’re very similar. Similar to the point where we almost clashed, we’re both Geminis and it was almost like four people being in the room.”

"If you can see it, in your head, if you can picture it, if it's clear. You know what I'm saying? Then it is a possibility. If you believe in it, it's already happening you just haven't gotten there yet."

I'll leave that here, RIP baby girl.

Never forget the famous Left Eye stripe.

Lisa was in touch with her spiritual side.

Just leaving this here because it is beautiful and I don't look's half this cute in the shower.



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