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Hey Humans,

You may have seen my last two posts on Matts BBQ (The BBQ of the year), if you haven't you can check them out below.

Matts BBQ in Fashion

Matts BBQ 2017 #Movie

I love festival style, I was so excited to look for my outfit. I wore a Fila two piece from Urban Outfitters (purchased from the Oxford street store). Wanting to wear a two piece set was the only requirement I had when looking for an outfit, originally I was looking for a denim two piece and saw a cute set in Berksha but fell in love when I saw this Fila outfit. It isn't actually a set but they go together quite sweet and I loved them. Not a lot of pics because I forgot my sunglasses (wanted to cry, they make an outfit man) and looked like a fool in the ones I borrowed. (Outfit price underneath pics)

Top - UO £20 Skirt - UO £40 Trainers - New Balance Socks - (Can't remeber but just fishnet ankle socks) Hair - Always @Cocobexy_xx

What do you guys think of my Fila two piece look?

See you soon, lots of love.

Shay RS x


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