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The first Woman of my Wednesday post and of course I had to start with my woman crush every damn day Zoe Kravitz. I am in awe of this woman. What is more attractive than a woman who moves to the beat of her own drum.


Of course, I can't avoid mentioning that Zoe is the daughter of talented Musician Lenny Kravitz and Actress Lisa Bonet. Not wanting to live in her parents shadow, Zoe is set on making a name for herself in Hollywood. The Divergent Series, Mad Max, Dope and HBO series Big Little Lies are just some examples of her work. But that's not why I'm writing this post. Zoe has made it clear that she doesn't want to be known as 'the daughter of' and is determined to work hard to be known for her acting work. Despite having a 'don't give a f*ck' attitude, you won't see any crazy stories about her in the news, she takes her career seriously. Zoe has been open about racial struggles as an actress, she said she has stopped accepting all stereotypical roles just because of the colour of her skin and only takes on roles that she feels work for her. Zoe said she is sick of being told to audition for the 'best friend' 'quirky black girl' or 'hippie' all the time when her acting ability should not be based on whom we think she is as a person.

"Why can't I play the lead? I can play all kinds of people. I don’t have to play myself.”

It was Zoe's laid back attitude, quirky style and fun spirit that caught my eye. She's the kind of girl you want to be friends with because she just seems so chill. She isn't a big poster on social media but I keep up with her music from her band Lolawolf. She is often seen front row at fashion shows rocking vintage denims, boots and most recent her bleach blonde pixie cut.

“I think too much of anything doesn’t work — like if everything you wear is expensive-looking, you look stale. And if everything you wear is ripped and falling apart, you look crazy. I like when you can find a balance. I live in New York City. I walk around. I have to be comfortable. You don’t look cool or sexy if you’re uncomfortable; it’s not attractive.”

I loved this Wonderland Magazine shoot. Got it at home.

That time Zoe was an actual Pixie at the MET Gala 2017. With a pixie cut, duh.

Zoe Kravitz for Elle 2017, the kind of shoots I need in my life.

We all need a boyfriend to take pictures like this of us biting on some Watermelon, as you do.

Cheekbones. The end.

Just currently looking through my Instagram following deciding who should be My Woman next Wednesday, I'll see you back here then. Shh don't be late.

Shay x

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