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Dear Humans,

Last Sunday my cousin Rebecca organised a bank holiday brunch at Madison Rooftop Bar in St.Pauls. It's not something we usually do but we thought it would be cool to dress up, have a few cocktails and truly enjoy our bank holiday. We booked our table for 2pm so it was more of a lunch, a tasty lunch at that.

A few of us on time human beings enjoyed cocktails on the sofa while we waited for the others to arrive. Despite being a little late for our table they responded really well and had our table ready for when we had all arrived.

The Pornstar Martini was the cocktail of choice for most of us, I think it's that extra shot of Prosecco that had us going back for more. The staff were great at topping up our glasses with Prosseco (trying to get us to order more bottles), either way I'm here for it. Our waitress was kind and patient considering there was 16 of us and food came in perfect time.

The majority of the gals ordered the Scallops for starter and the Sirloin Steak for a main which I was told was cooked to perfection, it came with roast potatoes and cauliflower cheese aka HEAVEN.

Me and my fellow Pescertarian Claire ordered the Halloumi Wrap, which came with Chips and Salsa, I was not disappointed and would definely order this again. Understandably the brunch menu was not as complex as the evening menu and I did find it hard deciding on what to eat on a limited menu and not eating meat.

With that being said they did have Eggs Florentine and Salmon on Flatbread but I wanted something more filling.

All of the girls looked lovely and this was a perfect picture opportunity for me obvs, I should've taken some view pictures but I shall try and steal some from google. I basically gave the girls a mini photoshoot and they made my images look stunning.

Our bank holiday brunch was the perfect mix of flavours, friendship and live music. We had deep talks about what friendship means to us, chicken pieces dropping in cocktails, Claire trying to order an £80 sharer cocktail and shared a lot of love.

We must do this again, love you girls and I would definitely recommend brunch @ Madison Rooftop Bar.

Here is a link to the Sunday brunch menu

With Love,

Shay RS x

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