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Dear Jessica,

To my bestest of friends. I don't even know where to begin with this post, it was your birthday on Monday and you probably think I forgot about your birthday blog post but in reality it was just a busy bank holiday weekend and I would never ever forget.

We have been best friends for 3000 years (15 years) which is practically 3000 years in the female animal kingdom. We know each other inside out, finish each others sentences and already know what the other person is going to say without even opening our mouths. I don’t actually know what my life would be like without you because you have been in it for so long and it still amazes me that there is a person in my life who is exactly like me.

I started trying to write down our best memories but we don't have best memories because we’ve had way too many and they are all always the best.

After watching Miss You Already it made me think about how much I value our friendship. I cried after watching it and said to my mum losing your partner is devastating but someone can love you like that again and you may fall in love again but losing your best friend is indescribable. You are apart of my soul and my memories don't really exist without you. You have made my life wonderful and I wouldn't ever want to live it without you.

We honestly supported and pushed eachother during our first relationships in primary school, we assisted on the making and giving of valentines cards so our true loves knew how we really felt.

We stood together on the top of the bench for our class photo, holding hands and smiling for our mums and dads to see.

We told our parents how important it is that we remain friends when you moved away. You have the best mum for dropping you to me or coming to pick me up so we could spend the weekend together.

We shared our very different yet very similar secondary school memories with each other and while I wished you were there it was probably good for our #independance and stuff.

We were more different in secondary school than we've ever been probably because we were around and influenced by different things but still seemed to be the exact same person.

You took me to my first under 18s rave, we watched H2O perform and danced until we were picked up.

I met all of your new friends and you met mine. I have never had a friend, boyfriend or family member who hasn't loved you as much as I do.

When I went to Uni I knew our friendship wouldn't change because we hadn't lived close to each other in years but still remained as close as ever.

You came to Jamaica with me and my family and fit in so well despite us being crazy, hectic and loud. We christened Rebecca (again), slept on a blow up bed in Aunty Eulas room and tried to nap on the grass at the Colour Festival.

You were ill at my 21st birthday but still made it to my meal which meant so much to me.

Oh yeah somewhere along this timeline you got my initials tatted on your arm. Absolute friendship goals.

Now we are looking forward to Stormzy next month and then we have a whole summer ahead of us to make more memories. I feel like i've written 0.2 memories down compared to how many we actually have.

You are the most organised person I know, at times too organised but it is appreciated all the same. We meet up and complain about all of the unorganised people we have met up with in the past week and then feel glad to have eachother all over again. It feels SO GOOD to know that I actually have someone who will always be there for me throughout anything and will always have my back. I hope you know that I have always been holding yours and if I l could bet on anything it would be that this friendship will last a lifetime.

I love you so much and thank you for being me but being white so I have different perspective.

Fun Fact: Jess wanted an afro in primary school but I used to cornrow her hair as a meet in the middle type of thing.

Fun Fact: I used to say I supported Chelsea because Jessica did but in reality I knew nothing about and didn't care about Football.

Fun Fact: Jessica wore kitten heels on my 15th birthday, she was 14 and got served.

Fun Fact: Jess was out for the majority of this birthday drink up hahaha.

We have never argued but one time I think she got mad at me for arguing with an ex boyfriend at 2am while we was TRYING to sleep #MyBad #YouLive&Learn

We have never argued but one time she paid to get on the wrong bus, I felt bad for her so I gave her the money back and she bought a chocolate muffin. #YourBad #TheChocolateMonster

We have never argued but she annoys me when she tries to open all Christmas presents BEFORE Christmas. #YourBad #ThisCausesMeStress

With Love,

Shay RS x

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