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Dear Humans,

I am forever promoting self-happiness, positivity, self-love and basically anything that makes you feel cute and bubbly on the inside. Let's be real it can be flipping hard at times as life throws us difficult situation after even more difficult situations followed by further difficult situations. One day I was legit having a convo with myself and thought ‘I wanna feel cute and bubbly every damn day’ and if I can’t, I will challenge myself to feel like that as much as possible. The most fulfilling way is to create a life you a love and as happy-go-lucky as that sounds it can be your reality.


This is not an overnight happiness plan, it is a gradual life plan that encourages you to feel like the best version of yourself. I do not do all of these things, I'm nowhere near perfect or happy everyday but as I have mentioned before on Dear Humans With Love I am much better at planning and advising then actually doing but I am trying.

Your job or non-job

A lot of our daily stress comes from work. Despite at times being inevitable it becomes a lot easier when you are doing something you have an interest in or are passionate about. Chasing money can be fun and no doubt rewarding but in 2017 it has become a lot easier to mix your passion and hobbies with your career. I genuinely get a high when I capture a beautiful moment, once I edit and save my image I feel warm and peaceful I just want to take more and more. I don’t mind if I am tired I find taking pictures that the rewarding that it will always outweigh the negatives. That is why I know that photography is what I should be doing and continue to chase my dreams. Photography is my passion and does not nearly feel like a job, what would be your ideal job non-job?

Your relationships

Being in the right relationships can do wonders for your daily life. You need to be around people who actually add something to your life, as you get older you realise which friends these are. You will notice patterns and energies from certain people that you do not want in your space. While I’m not into declaring I am ‘cutting people off’ I know that when I am slowly drifting away from people it is for a reason, a good reason at that. While you are busy pulling away from negativity be sure to hold on close to those who add positivity to your life and spend time with these people, your vibe attracts your tribe and positive things come from positive minded people.

In your romantic relationship love may be the biggest factor but is it a fulfilling relationship that brings you happiness first?

Does he/she support your dreams?

Do you support his/her dreams?

Do you experience new things together?

Do you do things that make you happy, together?

Do you spend quality time together?

Are you experiencing life together or are you just existing?

Ask yourself these questions because you cannot progress while you are surrounding yourself with people who are holding you back, you may not see now but if you do not identify these changes now, a few years down the line you will realise it.

Your spare time

What do you do in your space time? I can honestly say at University I went for walks, read, cooked, went to the gym, met friends, regularly meditated, went to lunch and more. Right now I am in place that I get into sometimes, it is usually when I feel stuck or overwhelmed I literally feel like I cannot do anything. I have books but I do not read, I have cancelled my gym membership, I cannot remember the last time I cooked or went on a walk and I can feel the difference on my body.

My mind basically calculates how much spare time I have in a day so I can work out how many hours I can spend in bed, how many hours I can watch YouTube videos and how many hours I can sleep. It is up to no one else but me to get my ass up and do some things that make me feel good. I made a list with my friend 2 weeks ago of a list of things we went want to do in the next month.

- Go swimming

- Paint (Me and Jess tried but her mum offered to take us to dinner so we just had to accept)

- Write a good blog posts (Tick, if I do say so myself)

- Yoga (Tick)

- Join Netball

I feel like listing down what you want to do can be super benefical, writing things down makes me feel motivated to do them and the feeling of ticking them off makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. Stick your list on your wall and set yourself a deadline, do it with friends and start doing the things that you love to do on a regular basis, you will feel the difference.

Your mental health

The most important, the mind, the body and the soul work hand in hand to ensure you are fit and can live a good life. Battling with mental health has allowed me to be extremely open minded when it comes to mental health, I’m also very aware of how important my own is. Anything that damages me mentally gets cut from my life and at times it may seem like I am being harsh towards others and I feel selfish. Then I remember what depression feels like and remember that I have friends, family, future children and a whole world who I need to be in a good mental space for. Others won’t understand why you can’t come to certain events, why you need to be on your own for a while or why you aren’t answering the phone but I have taught myself that it is ok not to be understood by everyone as long as I understand myself and know my heart. It is ok to put your mental health first.

What ways are you trying to live a life you love? Comment below, I love to know who is reading my posts and what you guys are thinking.

With Love,

Shay RS x

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