Dear Humans,

I guess when you are doing this blogging thing you have to be open to laughing at yourself and sometimes you have to include your friends so you aren't being laughed at alone. Today's post is on Why I love birthdays. I know some people are just like 'Meh, birthdays another year, who cares?' that person is not me, I care. I love being around friends and family and I also love to plan events so birthdays are the perfect excuse for me to plan and enjoy myself around my favourite people. It's not just about me having a good day, I want everyone I love to be involved and have a great time.

I'm that friend that you can't really tell 'you have work, or you double booked or you are not sure if you can make it'. I give you plenty of notice and the only excuse I accept is illness, ha - wish I was joking. My birthday has just passed and it was honestly my best birthday to date. I limited myself to 3 birthday events and got gifted with a night away so I think I kept it relatively low key. Take a look at my birthdays over the years and thanks to my cousins and my best friends Rianna and Jessica for making every single one! Much love, see you next Feb so I can get on all of your nerves again.

Here's how I celebrated every year since my 15th...



Highlight: Taela telling her parents she was going to a sleepover and them waiting at my house for us as we arrived back to mine. Short-lived sleepover lol.

But why: Why did we wear vest tops in the snow? Why did I wear blue leggings because I was worried too many people were wearing pink and black? Why was Jess served Vodka at 14 and why was she wearing heels? So many unanswered questions.



Highlight: Getting locked in my cousins bedroom and having to break the door to get out. Telling her I would pay for it with my Saturday job.

But Why: Who were we dressing up for? Why did I think that bra worked with my mums swimming costume lol? WHY AM I WEARING THAT?



Highlight: Being annoyed about 1 picture where I don't look grumpy. However it was a REAL good night.

But Why: Why was I pissed off in every picture? Why on earth did we wear actual heels to a dessert restaurant? How embarrassing. Also why did I rep leopard print so heavily?