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Happy New Year humans!

It is officially, drum roll please…


2016 what a year, I strengthened my relationships with a lot people, I started this blog and my DHWL tribe, I had an amazing holiday to Jamaica, I had a great holiday to West Palm Beach and Miami, I finished University and graduated, I had great work opportunities, I started my photography business and here we are now at the beginning of a new year.

Usually I spend my New Years Eve drunk and my New Years Day with good food and a family film, everyone needs a balance. My 2017 aim is to experience life as positively as I can. When I speak on living positively I sometimes wonder if people think I am referring to a 24/7 unrealistic version of living a positive life. Positivity is a journey and a lifestyle plan for the rest of your life. You do not wake up one day and no longer have negative thoughts or make bad decisions, let’s be realistic.

I personally like to practise positivity with my daily decisions, altering my thought process, through my writing, the way I interact with the world and my work life.


Before I make a permanent decision I ask myself ‘What will this decision mean to me and everyone around me?’ ‘Is it a life changing decision and is it one that I want to commit to?'. Bad decisions always come back to haunt you and that is something I want to avoid whenever I can, especially as an over thinker who will think about it for a long time thereafter. I try to make decisions that won’t leave me feeling regretful, that aren’t created from temporary feelings and ones that I know will only impact my life for the better. If I am unsure, I go with my GUT. Your gut will always lead you in the right direction.


Thoughts, sometimes I truly think they were created to destroy us. Over-thinking could easily control me if I allowed it to. That’s why you need to nip negative thoughts in the bud as soon as they are present. When I make a decision I am unhappy with I will think about it for about a week, making me even more unhappy. Altering my thoughts whenever I can always helps me. If I am having bad thoughts I change them into better thoughts just like this.

‘I just got soaked in the rain, I am so annoyed, I am probably going to have a bad day.’

Yes, if you think it you probably will. Right there is where I check myself and transform those thoughts into better ones.

‘It is raining, the world needs rain. This has not ruined my life and I am still breathing. This soon will pass. My day can continue to be great.’

Let’s not dwell on minor downfalls and speak negativity into existence.


There is no person ever who can say they are never angry or things never get to them. Things piss me off all of the time, no need to sugar coat it. I allow myself a time to be pissed off, I allow myself a time to not want to speak to people and I allow myself a time to acknowledge my feelings. This is how I feel, why would I let anyone take that away from me? That doesn't mean I am a bad person all it means is that I am human. I will never allow this to change my character, to consume me or to be reflected on to others. When I feel better I am back to my normal self. We are allowed to be angry, but anger should never rule us.


Writing is a hard one because I write what is on my mind and I would be lying if I said my thoughts were continuously positive. I tend not to write when I am not in a good space because I am a version of myself that is tainted. However, writing about negative situations allows me to show people how easy it can be to turn it around. I like to remind everyone how temporary negative feelings are. Additionally what I am doing here today @ Dear Humans With Love is positive, it provides a place for us all to connect, relate and understand people more. You can bring positivity into YOUR passion too.


The way I interact with the world has changed in the past few years. I am not just wandering around aimlessly from appointments and shops to my home. I am not just existing, I am living and experiencing. I am acknowledging the homeless people I am walking past, I may not give them all money or food but I am making a mental note of what needs to change in the world. I am seeing the kids play and dance carefree and remembering the importance of a healthy childhood for when I have kids. I am watching the bin men and cleaners smile and do their job with dignity allowing me to understand that we are all out here working no matter job you are doing. Are you acknowledging the ways of the world?


A guy at work said to me the other day that I am not doing an important job, he called it ‘the jobs that make a difference'. Because I am not a lawyer, a vet, a doctor etc. I laughed because I mean it’s 2017 and if you cannot see the changing world around us and how I am absolutely making a difference then I don’t know where you have been for the past few years. I am a writer, I like to spread positivity. I am a photographer, I like to raise awareness and capture natural beauty. I am a blogger creating a space that will eventually help everyone to practise mindfulness and help young people with mental health issues.

I am assuming those vets and lawyers work in an establishment with a logo that my people make, a slogan that my people came up with, magazines and a website, a PR company, social media etc. I think we add more than a few things to this world. Let’s not create a divide, every single job is necessary in the world we live in today.

Sorry if this post was a little bit all over the place, I just have a lot of thoughts filling up my brain at once. Happy 2017 and thank you to every single person who has read, shared, commented and subscribed. You make me truly happy.

With Love,

Shay RS x

‘New years isn’t always so merry’ - A photo series, view here


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