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Dear Humans,

Friends are those humans who you just click with and want to keep in your life for as long as possible. How would we really live our lives without them? Just think about it, they are there for you when you are down, Snapchatting you when you have had one too many and liking your selfie when it only has 10 likes. Some of us have one big group of friends or others, like me have many different friends. Regardless, they are all in your life for varied reasons and add something different to who you are. Imagine having 15 friends who are all unemotional and only like to party, boring. You need a companion for every aspect of your life, work, education, partying etc. I have friends from different areas and ages of my life so far, here are why some of them are in my life. I have a friend for everything...

Manny (Manny), the friend I cannot be annoyed with😚

FRIEND FOR: Watching series with, taking selfies with and laughing.

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Physical features on point.

1 Memory: Walking home after Oceana and dealing with you and Sian's stupid argument, not letting this go guys.

Jessica (Jess), the friend who finishes my sentences and vice versa😏

FRIEND FOR: Unbiased advice, lunch dates and relatable conversations.

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Most organised friend of all time.

1 Memory: Colour festival Jamaica 2014, reaching capacity at 7pm or was it 5pm? lol

Carla (Carly), the spirit animal🤗

FRIEND FOR: Drinking too much with, comparing awkward situations and holidaying with.

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Planning unlikely scenarios in depth.

1 Memory: Croaita. The Sea. Getting Lost. The Bikes. Getting in trouble.

Tre (Treyton), the friend who somehow has the exact same sense of humour as me🤔

FRIEND FOR: Sending memes to, crying of laughter with and understanding your vision.

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Always above the crowd...literally.

1 Memory: How we met, Forest Hill. Not saying anymore lol.

Imane (Immy or Im), the friend I can call at any hour for anything😌

Calls me: Shay

FRIEND FOR: Travelling with, spontaneity and ranting to.

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Being cool without knowing she’s cool.

1 Memory: buying outfits and going to Miranda bar @ Ace Hotel. Funnest night.

Rianna (RiWi or Ri), the friend who appreciates sea food as much as me😍

Calls me: Sharbs

FRIEND FOR: Dinner dates, kindness and having the answer to all of my questions.

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Always has her sh*t together.

1 Memory: Being your second baby daddy throughout your pregnancy, so glad we could be on that journey together.

Vicki (Sticki), the friend who I know I can count on for honesty😎

Calls me: Stanz

FRIEND FOR: Great advice, summer dates and partying.

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Owning the dance floor.

1 Memory: Tradition of cafe dates and hot chocolates.

Sian (Sian), the unconventional babe😋

FRIEND FOR: Drinking, pulling pranks with and listening to music with.


1 Memory: Tea at the Temple and drinks by the random river that we found.

Tamara (Tammy,Tamms or T), the friend who makes me smile😀

Calls me: Stan

FRIEND FOR: Dancing with, dressing up with and reminiscing with.


1 Memory: joint 18th birthday party!

I love all of my friends, please no one take offence I think readers will get bored if I added every single person lol. We can all relate to having that friend we call for a guaranteed good time, the one who makes us happy and the one we call when we are down.

Comment below what I am the friend for… I do not want to see any 'sarcasm' comments. hahaha... not joking.

Blog post on what I realised in 2016 here.

With Love,

Shay RS x


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