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Dear Humans,

2016 is coming to a rapid end, after lights out on Christmas day you basically skip through a weird couple of days where you don't really know what to do with yourself. Personally on these days I like to watch TV, eat leftovers and complain about all of the Christmas weight I have gained. Until bam, the New Years Eve prep begins, at this point everyone jumps on to Facebook explaining that they are about to cut people off without warning, which no one actually cares about and no one actually believes. Fast forward to a hungover New Years Day where I am sat opening 25 New Years messages from family members that look something like this.

Very original and very annoying for my camera roll. Self-reflection is the done thing at the end of the year. We reflect on the years highlights, lowlights and then go on to start our New Years resolutions and convince everyone we are actually sticking to them despite the list being the identical to the last 5 years. I never really make New Years resolutions but this year I will be setting myself personal goals that I WILL reach.

1 I will spend more time writing and practising photography to ensure I am the best at what I do. Benefits and recognition will follow.

2 I will tick things off of my bucket list because now is the time to live out all of my dreams.

3 I will put down my phone and appreciate the moment as much as I can. Holding on to each second as they slip through my fingers but without a doubt treasuring them.


Kylie Jenner was mocked online after a short clip explaining that 'each year has a new energy and 2016 is the year of realising things.' Well, who is laughing now? I think it was about mid-year when I realised Kylie Jenner may have been the only woke person at the beginning of 2016. As I began realising things I thought I better share with you all what I actually realised in 2016.


I have little faith in the British people and 0% Faith in Americans. #Trump #Brexit

People can make a great living off of YouTube and YouTube is about to be the new Television. #ByeSky

I hate proof-reading and cannot wait until I can hire someone to do it for me. #Lazy

Despite studying Magazine Journalism I do not want to be a Journalist anytime soon. The gossipy side really turned me off.

Blogging is very time consuming and should only be done if you are passionate about it.

There will always be that one person at work who gets on your last nerve and patience / ignoring them is the key.

We all follow the same trends and think we are u n i q u e. #Lol #ChokersAreLife

If Brangelina weren't meant to be, I am unsure about marriage as a whole.

We need to stop planning what we are going to do and get up and do it! #LifeIsTooShort

Memes are a light-hearted good laugh but we need to pay attention to what we are reposting because that funny little boy in a picture has a story, everyone has a story.

Some people get carried away when they are given authority at work because they have 0 in their personal lives.

Solange has been slept on by all of you and is finally getting deserved recognition. #Queen

We all spend too much time in front of screens, laptop, phone, TV etc.

We should be speaking on worldly issues all year round and not just when someone is killed for example.

We should be focusing on more on how we raise our children and what they are exposed to. You are literally forming the rest of their life.

Kylie Jenner was right that this is the year of realising stuff.

With Love,

Shay RS x


Read my last post on WHY I HATE INSTAGRAM here.

'Instagram is bursting with amazing views, amazing beach bodies, amazing food, amazing amazingness and so forth. That pretty much sums up why I love it. You can go on to someone’s page and instantly tell what kind of person they are. The fitness freaks, the instagram hoes, the vacationers, the Instagram couples, the memes pages. I can only imagine it is similar to stepping into the Mean Girls food hall.'


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