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Instagram is probably my favourite social media platform, I check it before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up. As a visual platform I prefer it to other networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr used to be my thing but Instagram is more simple and more people I know use it. I still love you Tumb

Instagram is bursting with amazing views, amazing beach bodies, amazing food, amazing amazingness and so forth. That pretty much sums up why I love it. You can go on to someone’s page and instantly tell what kind of person they are. The fitness freaks, the instagram hoes, the vacationers, the Instagram couples, the memes pages. I can only imagine it is similar to stepping into the Mean Girls food hall.

Let’s be real the staged perfection posts do irritate me and yet I cannot enough. Just when I think I have my life on track I come across the page of a girl who is 18, in a long term relationship, in Dubai with her fiancé, with 4 successful businesses, A really cool car (I’m not good with car brands, Rolls Royce?), 9 Million followers and about to launch her solo singing career, she's probably also standing by a helicopter with a bunch of roses in her DP. I mean COME ON, While I love my own life and find happiness in others happiness, it’s like oh ok this 10 year old is where I want to be when I am 45, that’s cool, no presh. Then I have to ask myself IS THIS EVEN REAL? How do you know what people are showing you is genuine? Yes we all know most people only show the positive side to their lives making it look like one big fortunate and cute life but who is to say that all of this isn't just staged for likes of well... likes. Please see examples below (hypocrites, who's with me?)

Our breakfast probably got cold by the time I got the perfect angle.

Only pic that my belly looked somewhat decent in.

Props argued after this pic.

We were freezing and needed to pee.

We were here for literally 5 minutes because it started pouring down with rain.

Then I buy into this Instagram illusion, I follow, like 50 pictures, a few selfies and food pics to play it cool, screen grab 200 pics, start a gym membership and buy a salad. In all honesty being on social media is frustrating, you cannot help but compare what you see to your own life. I know there’s people thinking

Nope, never compare. Love my life to the fullest.’ ok.

Let’s be 100 right now, we have all seen something on social media and felt a little jealous, even if it was over how cute someones dog is. As much as I love the art of social media I never want to feel like it is altering my organic thoughts. My mind is the key to who I am, I cannot be brainwashed by the media. Do I think that trend is cool or did I just see it on my feed 30 times today? Do I even want to go to Dubai? Not right now. Is their relationship perfect or do they just post perfect pictures? I am an Instagram lover, I adore the beautiful photography and artsy pages that are out there. Seeing everyone doing amazing things only encourages me to get off of my ass and put all of my ideas into action. Social media inspires me everyday, especially as a photographer, when I see a cool shot I am left amazed it makes me pick up my camera and do what I gotta do. Additionally I could not live without my daily dose of joke pages like Hackneys Finest. The point of this post is to remind you all to take a little break from it every now and again and don’t buy into everything that you see. All that glitters is not gold, sometimes not even silver or bronze.

Check out some of my favourite Instagram pages below

My favourite pages to follow are:

The Knot is a wedding blog with a stunning Instagram feed. My obsession with weddings has reached an all time high so if you are a wedding stalker like me this page is for you. I love seeing a little love on my timeline everyday, they share cute wedding stories, engagement rings, wedding dresses and venues daily.

When I found this page at University 2 years ago I made all of my friends follow and we have never looked back. The Shade Room keeps you updated with all of the celebrity tea, gossip, news and pictures. The best part has to be the comments there are so many followers debating with one another you are bound to die of laughter and wonder why so many people have so much time on their fingers.

3 @saintheron

A creative hub celebrating art and culture created by Solange, Saint Heron is always posting artsy photoshoots, cool music news and just general cool content, love.

4 @emelinaah

That person you don’t know who is always unintentionally make you add to your bucket list. Her feed is full of calming beach views, gorgeous women, views and nature. I am definitely inspired every time she posts.

This movement inspires nearly everything I am doing today. I love reading up on the beautiful and intimate stories. Learning others stories makes it easier for us to be open-minded and reflect on our own lives. I want to learn about people every day and use it bring us all closer together.


Not sure who this gal is but she seems really cool, funny, down 2 earth and #humble. follow her. You are only humble if you call yourself humble.

Sidenote: I hope people understand my sarcasm or this blogging thing is going to be really awkward.

Others include: @HackneyFinest, @norisblackbook and @lilmiquela and possibly a really kind-hearted girl called… possibly.

With Love, (on instagram) #Shameless #SelfPromotion x


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