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Dear boyfriends, partners, husbands and just-seeing-each-others,

Us girls have watched romantic film after romantic film. We’ve seen Noah build a whole house for Allie after she had moved to the city, we watched Quincy leave his fiancé even after Monica lost the game of basketball, We saw Rose risk it all for Jack (ok, maybe not it all, there was definitely space for him on that wooden plank). Long story short we know exactly how we want to be treated and that these movie scene type of loves can definitely happen in real life.

Spending Time Together

Not all dates need to be the cinema or dinners, think outside the box or honestly just google search for some answers…

  • The zoo, because girls think animals are cute and everyone on Snapchat will definitely be jealous.

  • Wine tasting.

  • Fun fair and amusement parks (best during summer months).

  • Cooking together.

  • Art galleries, museums.

  • Road trip, it doesn’t have to be far or that expensive.

  • Summer picnics.

  • Games night, who’s more competitive?

  • Spa days.

  • Take a scenic walk.

  • Star gazing.

Leicester Square Picnics and Haagen Dazs World. Yum.

Too Busy For Love?

We all get busy and at times you will have a lot more going on than your relationship. However, there are small and easy ways to ensure she knows she is not forgotten about.

  • Random calls and texts to show her that you have been thinking about her.

  • Send her a gift of something she will enjoy. Chocolate, flowers or be creative, her favourite DVD or a gift card.

  • Keep her updated so she knows you aren’t just ignoring her.

  • Make a plan for when you are free so she has something to look forward to.

  • Text her every morning and every night.

Oh, look me with flowers.

Unexpected Acts Of Love

  • Run her a hot bubble bath with candles and put her favourite album on.

  • Do the small things that she may have forgot to do that week.

  • Make her dinners, breakfast or pack her lunch for work.

  • Tell her how you feel about her so she never doubts it.

A bubble bath for little old me? Why thank you.

Fair Disagreements and No Double Standards

  • Listen and respond fairly.

  • Say sorry if you are in the wrong.

  • TRY not to be stubborn even though we all are.

  • Talk things through instead of disappearing.

Feelings Mutual.

Why can't we have that fairytale ending that we all dream of. Love is such a beautiful thing but there will always be hard times. Let's be realistic a fairytale ending doesn't perfection it means getting your ideal. Your ideal life, your ideal love and your ideal happiness. You have to know all of the characteristics of your partner and decide whether or not these are characteristics you want to live with for the rest of your life. If the positives in your relationship outweighs the negatives that sounds like a fairytale to me. Ask your partner how she/he likes to be loved? The way they want to be loved may differ from the way you want to be loved. Make sure you are both on the same page and never lose that strong level of communication and trust. None of us are relationship experts (apart from the people who are actually relationship experts) but all of us know what love and joy feels like. In your relationship you should be open and honest, no one outside of your partnership should be able to intervene or give you information on your own relationship that you are not aware of. Hope you enjoyed the blog post love bugs, leave a comment of the best date you've been on below.

Watch these movies recommended by me for some inspo…

  • Titanic (If you want to cry)

  • The Notebook (I like crying)

  • Love and Basketball

  • Beyond the lights

  • The Time Travellers Wife

With Love,

Shay RS x


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