Dear Humans,

Us ladies are really something special, regardless of your characteristics there are things we can all relate to just because we were born with boobs. We go through the same annoying things everyday in the female community and it is about time we laugh at them. No matter how unique you may be, you can definitely relate to some of these examples.

Being in a terrible mood while you are on your period and then someone says “Oh, it’s because you’re on.” Oh ok, so you want to unleash my inner devil tonight then? NO I AM JUST PISSED OFF BECAUSE I HATE YOU AND EVERYTHING AROUND ME, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING ON MY PERIOD. The next day you actually realise it could-have-probably-definitely was because you are on your period.

Finally getting your makeup to a somewhat mediocre standard and thinking you actually look pretty like your favourite YouTube guru. Attempting to take a selfie to showcase your new face and they look like garbage.

For those of us who aren’t skilled Makeup Artists, trying a ‘new look’ using new eyeshadow colours and a deeper lipstick shade etc. Thinking you will finally look somewhat different tonight but still looking the exact same since you were 6.

The next one is particularly close to my heart and particularly adds to my stress levels. I absolutely had to bring this up again! Sending your partner a lengthy paragraph explaining everything what has annoyed you and why it has annoyed you and he only responds to the last line. Please see example below…

Dear Kanye,

I am very unhappy with the way you have been treating me lately, I am your wife and I am not happy that I had to find out you are running for president at an award show with everyone else. North have been asking if you can be home more, I know you are at the studio but just a few nights a week wouldn’t hurt. Please can you stop calling out Jay Z and Beyonce, it has been hard enough trying to bond with them and you are just making the situation worse. I’m like embarrassed right now and I can’t even deal. Do you think you can get an Instagram soon? we need more followers and I think you have way too much to say on Twitter. I have a lot on my plate at the moment and I don’t think you are being very supportive. We need to be 50/50 in this relationship which brings me on to my next point. I respect your eye for detail but I want to be able to put some outfits together for myself, have you thrown out all of my coloured heels because I totally can’t find them anywhere?


Dear Kanye’s Wife,

Coloured heels are trash.