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Dear Rianna Marie,

If that is your real name…

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to Prianna/Ri-Wi

Happy birthday to youuuu…

How old are you now?

How old are you now?

Old enough to stop telling white lies? (to be sung in same tune)

How old are you now?

Lol don’t kill me. My best friend Rianna, I want to wish you a very special Happy Birthday! If you have read my Secondary School Memories post you will know that we met on her first day at Sydenham Gals. I was trying to teach her the ropes and she was interested in having a water fight. We have been friends ever since and I know everyone bigs up there friends and says ‘She’s amazing, she’s a beauty, she’s the next Beyonce (just me?)’ but she really is all of those things.This is why our friendship works,

  1. Rianna likes to eat and is an amazing cook, I like to eat good food.

  2. Rianna calls me at stupid hours of the morning, I seem to annoyingly always be awake at this time.

  3. Rianna likes to drink tea, I like to drink tea.

  4. I call Rianna panicking that my career is about to end and she tells me I am 22 and going to be fine. Shay RS is suddenly no longer on her death bed.

  5. Rianna likes to do Christmas shopping, Shay likes to do Christmas shopping.

  6. Rianna has a kid, Shay RS tries to steal people's kids (Love you Khai).

  7. Rianna thinks bad things are a good idea, Shay RS is very practical.

  8. Rianna has the answer to all of my questions, I have A LOT of questions.

  9. Rianna likes to do makeup, Shay RS has a face (What a coincidence) #MeantToBe.

  10. Rianna wants to do things, Shay RS can plan anything at anytime.

On a more serious note, you honestly help me every single day of my life. I always call you hoping you have the answers and you always do. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have had my first weave, got my eyelashes done for the first time, HAD AN AMAZING TIME IN PARIS AND ITALY (Sam uses her amazing services also), Caught my flight to Italy (Thanks for picking me up at 4am, So grateful), had discount for all dat foundation #DidIMentionHowGrateful?

To sum this all up,

You are my friend, you will always always be my friend. I know 0% other weirdos like you, I want to go on more Italian lunch dates and Christmas shopping trips with you. If I could only save one person on this earth it would be my dog Oscar but I would think of you every single day. You are an amazing friend who always pushes through and comes out of a hard situation 1000x better. You always do anything you put your heart and mind to and I am so proud of you.

Happy birthday again and i’ll see you tonight If I am not too busy. Also I was joking before we both know I’m the Beyonce.

I Love You,

The best-planner-bestest-friend you have ever asked for.

Shay RS x


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