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DHWL Interviews #1 - "We met buying dru..."

“How do you girls know each other?”

“We met buying drugs.”

“Tell me about that.”

“She came alone to a party and I was with a friend of mine, we both had just moved to London and met outside a club. I asked a guy if he was selling and M was also fortunately looking. We ended up splitting them and having the best night of our lives, we’ve been best friends from then on. The next day we went for coffee, then we went for lunch.”

“Then we hung out every single day”

“Where are you from?”

“I’m originally from London. I was a gypsy for most of my life. Not a real one, just went everywhere and was never really in one place for long enough.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yeah, a lot of different schools. I never really fitted in and hated a lot of people. I also super hated any authority so I was like, fuck all teachers. I ended being in 10 schools so it was pretty brutal.”

“Where are you from originally?”

“I’m from Germany. I grew up there but it was clear I needed to move to London at some point. I feel sorry the people who do just stay in one place all of their life. New York would definitely be a future plan for us, because it would always be the two of us I would never go without L. I’m so proud of everything we did to get here.”

“Yeah, you weren’t cut off by your parents though so you were fortunate.”

“Where did you move from L?”

“Scotland actually because I went to a boarding school up there but I got expelled. When I left I had fallen in love with a boy from London and he got expelled too. They made me go on a boat for a week that had no showers. Because teachers hated me so fucking much I had to go on the boat trip then a mountain trip.”

“What was that for?”

“It was called seamanship, it was one of these hard labour shit things that they would make us do at school. Although I now realise how great the experience was it was still shit. I was seasick on the boat so I opened the door and vomited in the Captains cabin. He should have let me have a wash.”

“Is that how you got expelled?”

“Oh no I got expelled because I smoked and drank. The last straw was when my housemistress kicked me out of our house meeting for laughing so I went behind her back and swore. The young girls in our house told on me and she was like ‘Ok that’s it, you need to leave!’ When I left I really wanted to fuck shit up and my dad is like a massive hippie so I asked him to bring me a joint to school. When I got in the car with him I lit it up and banged on the window and was like ‘Bye miss, while blowing smoke.’

Hope you enjoyed my interview with these two interesting gals, comment if you want me to post more of my interviews.

With Love,

Shay RS x


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