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Dear Humans,

DHWL, the lifestyle blog that focuses on connecting humans through love and art, why? I believe that there is and should be love and art in everything that you do. Whether it is building your career, your hobbies, your dreams or in your relationships. Art isn’t just a painting and love isn’t just a romantic relationship. Art is the expression or application of creative skills that is usually in a physical form but not always. #ArtIsEveryWhere because art is the way I dream, the music I listen to, the way I paint my face, the motion of my lips when I kiss and the emotional reaction I get to reading up on the history of my people. I am art, my thoughts are art.

Magic can be created when art and love combine. The things I love are art, the art I appreciate is love. I regularly ask myself, ‘what does love mean to you?’ I ask this because I hear and see that word many times a day and it means different things to different people. There isn’t one answer either because like art we all experience love in a variety of ways. To me love is a balance of appreciation, trust, compassion, art and much more. In terms of a mental love and connection with another person, love is like I give you my heart and I am giving you the opportunity to hurt me but please don’t. How can we really be #OpenInLove if we cannot be vulnerable enough to allow someone to reach the deepest parts of us? You have to give someone you and I mean ALL of you. Your hurt, your passion, your lies, your tears, your smiles and your insecurities. Hand it over openly and allow the universe to rearrange itself and create.

I am in no way saying if you give someone all of you things will be amazing and this doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships. But how can you even try to build something real when you are holding back the depths of you? The worst that can be happen is hurt and hurt causes pain. A deep pain inside your chest that holds you mentally and burns your heart. I remember feeling pain and I would repeatedly remind myself that this won’t last forever. Did I honestly believe that? No, I felt like I was lying to myself, how could this horrible feeling ever go away? I thought. But it did, it always does. Never allow these negative feelings to linger and do not let them consume you.

As a proud Aquarius gi…(I was going to write girl but I think this post is pretty woman of me ;) ). Take #2 As a PROUD AQUARIUS WOMAN, I am permanently living in the future. While everyone on the train around me is on there way to work, I am on a beach in the Bahamas in 5 years time with my best friends while we are working from home and sipping the freshest juice. I am very rarely living in the moment because I am always planning and preparing for next year. I am the dreamer who is thinking of ways to change the world at the train station. Sometimes I have to nudge myself and ask ‘Are you appreciating what is in front of you right now?’. But this is who I am, this is MY art. I am always building.

I adore how easy humans find it to communicate through art and love. It doesn’t matter if we don’t speak the same language, everyone speaks the language of love and everyone appreciates art. The world we all live in and the situations we face daily influences our art. When everyones art comes together amazing things are created, my soul is smiling just thinking about it. My art can help your art and I love that. For example,

There’s a model called Storm, she models that’s her art.

She goes to a photoshoot and there is an amazing make up artist laying down her art making Storm look phenomenal.

When she is done, Storm goes to Candy the queen of hair and gives her jaw dropping curls.

Clive the director, puts Storm in his scene and lets his imagination flow. Art.

Then Shawn the photographer captures all of this amazing art and produces the best images.

Everyone is happy with the final product and in love with the amazing masterpiece they have produced.

I wanna create a cool video with everyone expressing what there art and love is. I’m going to ask as always for you to comment below if you are interested in being apart of my art and my next video. I know you probably won’t leave a comment even if you enjoyed the post/are interesting in the concept because it is so 'uncool' to do so. But honestly I am URGING you all to support me and would love every single person reading this to be apart of MY ART and I cannot create my art without all of you so please comment below or email me @ Let’s all support each other and do cool stuff.

My art is Photography.

My art is expression through written words.

My art is research.

My art is mindful.

My art is the future.

My love is nature.

My love is vulnerable.

My love is all knowing.

My love is a dream.

My love is the future.


With Love,

Shay RS


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