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Dear Humans,

1. Spontaneously returning to Southampton

1. Spontaenity is key

So me and some friends met for drinks after work in Soho, by drinks I mean Prosecco in the park with plastic cups because it doesn't get more classy than that. Immy had a wonderful(crazy) idea that we should go to Southampton that night for one last night out before I hand in my student ID and my dancing shoes. We ran home and packed a bag in 10 minutes, so quickly she forgot to pack a crucial piece of clothing - her bra. She lives closer to central than me so she was on the coach as I hurdled across Victoria like a crazy lady. So much spontaneous adventures with this girl! We miss you Southampton!

2. Outdoor cinema with my boo

Let’s be honest we have all wanted to go to an outdoor cinema since seeing them in the American films as kids right? This summer we finally found one and it was beautiful. We found one in Shadwell that had such a picturesque view of London, I was in awe. Imane’s favourite film Matilda was showing, they had a nice bar, cute beach chairs, headphones and blankets. I cannot wait to go back next summer. What a view!

3. My Nae turns #18

Ugh, my heart is burning. I love my baby cousin so much, I felt like she was 6 years old until she was actually 13 and I had to let it go. She is the baby out my girl cousins and I. This summer she turned 18, she looked absolutely beautiful and I had the best time at her party. Thank you for wanting me to do the photography baby girl - I love you.

4. Watching Finding Dory!

The excitement was so real this day. I love Ellen Degeneres so much I actually have had a blog post planned on her for a while. She is such a positive, courageous and entertaining woman and one of my role models. I loved Nemo of course and was waiting years and years for a sequel. I loved watching this film with Jess and will be getting the DVD for sure!

5. Declans Pool Party

My friends boyfriend’s birthday was this summer and he had a pool party at his house. I was with my friends and we had so much fun despite it not being that hot. Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore being in the water and hate that I cannon swim, lol.

6. Vlogging with my cousins

I was both nervous and excited to start my YouTube channel. I couldn't have been more happy to start off with my cousins. Although being busy led us to take a little break we have a lot more content coming soon. We are on holiday next week so STAY TUNED. A big thank you to all of you for being involved with DHWL and supporting me.

7. Graduating and my Surprise Graduation BBQ

Tears upon tears, two of the best days of my life. Graduating with my boyfriend infront of his parents & mine, they even sat together, this makes me so so happy. I know my parents and family are extremely proud of me and that felt amazing. Southampton Solent you will be missed.

My surprise graduation was a joyous occasion filled with love and happiness. Just incase I haven't said it enough times I am so grateful and forever will be grateful.

I love happy memories, so glad I can look back on these posts in years to come.

With Love,

Shay RS x


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