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Dear Humans,

Last week I caught up with my best friend for a late lunch/early dinner. It had been a little while since we had did anything so it was great to meet up and was the perfect opportunity for a blog post. Tanyard Lane in Bexley Village is a new bar & kitchen that offers great food, comfortability and cocktails.

As it opened at 4pm and is a new place we were the only customers there for a couple of hours. I have been a pescatarian for a few weeks now and therefore am currently dealing with the struggles of finding what you want to eat on restaurant menus. I ordered the spinach and falafel burger with chips for £10.50 and Jess ordered off of the Small Plates menu which are £6 each or three plates for £16. She ordered the pea & broad bean hummus with toasted pitta, herb marinated chicken skewers with citrus mayo and a classic caesar salad - yum.

You know some places just cook chips and then there are those chips that are so perfectly crispy and chunky and mouth watering. These were 'those chips', the burger was extremely tasty too, 8/10 from me.

Jess' verdict: I was surprised at how filling and what a good portion size the 'small plates' were. The menu had a lot of variety so I found it hard to choose as everything looked nice, and when I finally selected my three plates everything tasted fab 👌🏼.

Cocktail time! Jess got a Mojito and a Whiskey Sour, I had a Pornstar Martini (with a shot of Prosecco) and another refreshing drink that I have forgotten the name of. The drinks were delicious and were just strong enough for me.

Overall we had a great evening at Tanyard Lane, it was a mix of great company, service, food and good music! Here is a link to their website Thank you @TanyardLane

With Love,

Shay RS x


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