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Dear Humans,

Hi all, Autumn is here and first let me apologise for my lack of blog posts. After a lengthy post on time management I became increasingly busy working on my income after University. A new academic year approached and I needed a plan. I wanted to focus on how I could make money and ensure I had time to blog and be a freelance photographer. I am happy to announce I am now a Social Media manager for a well known photographer and have an additional side job (we gotta do what we gotta do). This is perfect for me, I am able to work from home on her socials as well as my own.

The beginning was particularly hard for me, balancing my two biggest passions of photography/blogging, managing social platforms for my client and another job. Now I feel like I am back in a settled place and can come back to my blog. I have not abandoned you, I promise and it feels so great to be writing again.

Not blogging for the last month gave me time to map out everything I want to do and everything I want this blog to be. At a friends birthday this weekend I was talking to someone about what I want for my blog and brand. After a lengthy discussion about bringing something new to the blogging world and about my interview book Young London Vision & Voices he put a sentence together that embodied everything I was saying ‘Therapy through social media’ and I LOVED that sentence so much I jotted it down in my notes - thanks Stefan. I am in no way shape or form a therapist but the message behind Dear Humans With Love is to be an online platform where you can find love, support and honesty through relatable topics.

We continued talking about networking and meeting other creatives. I love meeting people and discussing any creative work/ideas but as a reserved and at times shy person it can be difficult for me to start conversations. The next few months I am going to work on sparking conversations with people I meet and putting my brand out there. Amazing collaborations can come from a simple conversation at an event.

The past month has bought me a sense of understanding in what DHWL brings to the table and I am happy to announce I am planning a visual Dear Humans With Love launch party next year, I couldn’t be more excited and I am so happy you are all on this journey with me. Blog posts will resume weekly, I love you all.

With Love,

Shay RS


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