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Everyone is a BLOGGER!

Dear Humans,

My post today is based off of sentences I keep hearing a lot lately ‘Oh, everyone is a blogger’ ‘Everyone is a YouTuber’. I know a lot of people personally who want to blog or make a YouTube channel but don’t want to seem like they are just jumping on the band wagon. The best thing about this digital era is that there is space for everyone. No two YouTube channels or blogs are identical and as long as you are doing it for the right reasons - go for it!

I am no blogging pro but I know that I want to share my views and life with people. I blog because not only do I adore writing but this is the way that I feel comfortable expressing myself. Words to me are the perfect way to connect with people, to make a difference and to organise the storm that is going on in my head. I decided to go for YouTube because it can help me to put my ideas out there in an alternative way. Some people prefer visuals over written words and I can help to build a healthy audience for my humans. I have a lot planned for my channel so stay tuned & subscribe SHAY RS.

YouTube has become increasingly popular in recent years and I absolutely love subscribing to new channels whether it be just informative pages or vloggers. Some of my favourite YouTube channels are BrainStuff and Patricia Bright. I get something different from all of the channels I subscribe to and I hope in the future I become someones favourite channel.

I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like they cannot create a blog because a lot of other people have one. Let’s be honest a lot people own hairdressers, a lot of shops sell food and a lot of airplane companies can take you abroad. We go to each one for a particular reason, whatever that reason may be it is because we like what we can get from that place. It is the same for business owners, bloggers etc. We can ALL own our business because everyone can get something different from different businesses.

Here a few tips from me on blogging:

- Choose a memorable name

- Choose a name that will work well with Search Engine Optimisation

- Find your blog topic/angle

- Plan blog posts in advance

- Be consistent with your posts

- Engage with your audience

- Share your posts on Social Media

- Look at other blogs for inspiration

- Always find ways to improve your blog

Please leave me comments on blog post ideas and YouTube video ideas, I really appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. On a final note, there is space for us all to blog so don’t feel like it is too late to start. Always choose a path in life that makes sense to you and blog if you want to blog.

With Love,

Shay RS x


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