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Dear Immy, With Love

Dear Immy,

Today is a very special for someone I adore... Immy's birthday. This girl is the kindest and most honest friend, I have known her for nearly two years and when we got close last summer I remember telling her ‘I knew I had another really close friend to make, I just didn’t know when she would come along.’

The amount of memories we have made in a such a short period of time is incredible and I don’t know exactly what I would have been up to the last two years without you. Here are some of my favourite Shay and Immy memories…

1. Calling in sick because it was the hottest day of the year and we love the beach. We were supposed to meet at around 2 but Immy’s dad drove her to meet me in London and the traffic was crazy. I sat on the steps outside the station eagerly awaiting my friends arrival. We finally made it to Southend, chilled on the beach, made a friend from Holland, got fish and chips and went to a bar. Luckily we made it to work the next day and smiled secretly to each other.

2. Your birthday last year when we were soo overdressed for a random rave we found online in Vauxhall. It was a carnival pre party and we were in dresses and heels while everyone else was in shorts and converses. We ended up getting a cab all around London trying to get a hotel but ended up back at yours. This night was so much fun we didn’t even get a picture.

3. This year when we were working locally and met up on a Friday for a drink in the park. Let me tell you guys, I am so glad I have a friend who brings out my spontaneous side. She was like ‘Should we go to Southampton, theres an event on?’ I’m like ‘Umm, yeah but can we really go?’ Long story short we ran home and packed a bag in 10 minutes to make the last coach to Southampton. Luckily I still had my house there, such a funny 36 hours.

4. My birthday this year when we you got my make up done as a present by that amazing guy in Mac who we love so much and pretty much just the rest of my birthday night. Thanks again boo.

5. Soundclash, just the whole thing. Letting go of our fears and getting on a ride - so happy we did that. Running around and spending the whole day in the toilet queue.

6. Going to an event we found online called ‘bad bitches’ and it taking us about an hour after being in the club to notice it was a gay club. Hahaha - I think this one is my favourite because we were so oblivious and when we finally realised it all made sense.

7. Your graduation weekender. Such a long and funny weekend, when I booked work both mornings and I had to cancel my shifts because we take it too far every time. We went out four times this week and even the night before your graduation but it is definitely one of my highlights.

8. Evenings after work in Canary Wharf sitting by the river and having our lengthy chats about life, the life we want in the future and our lives so far.

9. My first interview day in Shoreditch where we got that amazing interview and I know I would not have got that if it wasn't for you my friend.

10. This weekend because I love you very much and I can promise this will be another one of our amazing memories.

See you soon girlfriend, lots and lots of love.

With Love,

Shay RS x


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