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Dear Paris, With Love (Throwback)

Dear Humans,

Oh how I love to reminisce, today I am remembering the most romantic weekend away. Two years ago I was whisked away on a surprise 1 year anniversary to Paris. I knew my boyfriend had planned for us to do something but I was not told a single detail. My friend Rianna asked me beforehand “Do you think you are going to Paris?” We were in Southampton at university at the time and he requested I bring my swimwear. Bear in mind our anniversary is in February I told her I doubt it but I was excited to be going to a Spa for the weekend.

We got a coach from Southampton to London and then a train to St.Pancreas International, I was oblivious to our final destination until we got into the 3pm queue to Paris. I was overjoyed as I had never been to France and was so grateful that he went through all of the trouble of booking, planning and paying for everything. I truly was surprised he actually pulled it off.

We arrived in Paris later that evening and I immediately felt the romance of the city, being somewhere that is known for being romantic automatically puts you in a loving mood. We passed amazing theatres, buildings and shops before reaching our hotel. Being eager to explore the city we quickly put our bags down and left out. Across the road from our hotel was a cute restaurant so we had a meal there and soaked up the Parisian atmosphere.

The next day it became apparent how much effort Sam had put in to the trip, he had booked an anniversary dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, he sorted our spending money, made sure I had packed a stunning dress and heels and even booked a tour of the Eiffel Tower that we accidentally missed. You know what men are like with instructions, he didn’t actually read the confirmation email until the last minute and we missed the meeting point. I shed not one tear as I am afraid of heights and enjoyed viewing the Eiffel Tower just as much from ground level.

After our anniversary dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe I was tipsy on the streets of Paris feeling loved and being taken to our hotel by a very helpful boyfriend. The trip was coming to an end and I had the most amazing time just being in Sam’s company. I was more than blown away when we got back to the hotel to exchange gifts, he pulled out a cute little ring box and handed me a ring. He told it was a promise ring and he promised to always have me and be there for me no matter what,, it was a promise on his part that he saw this relationship as a lasting love and a promise of things to come. I know since that day if I really needed him he would be there for me. I cannot wait for us to go back to Paris in the nearby future. Romance is still alive if you want it to be lads.

A promise ring is a ring given by one partner to the other as a commitment of love before an engagement ring. It is a promise of things to come and by accepting the ring you are also committing to the relationship. Promise rings can also symbolise a joint commitment that isn't related to love and the best thing about them is that they all have there own unique meaning.

With Love,

Shay RS x

(All pictures were iPhone 4 quality, don't judge lol)


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