Dear Humans,

As a graduation celebration for my boyfriend and I, he took me on the most amazing date night. Unfortunately I did not know where we were going and felt slightly underdressed, for this reason my date night outfit will not be posted. Nevertheless we had a perfect evening. Below is a picture of a cute couple I captured while waiting half an hour for my less punctual than me boyfriend - love you.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Clos Maggiore and here’s why. They offered a selection of breads while we waited for our meal, let me tell you I am the biggest bread lover of all time, If carbs didn’t make me look pregnant I would have bread at least twice a day. There was an amazing parmesan bread that Sam requested about 10 times. Our main courses were a chicken dish for Sam and a duck dish for myself (If I find the dish names I will add them in later). The duck was in a rich gravy served with veg and I ordered triple cooked chips as a side, apparently triple cooked meant triple the delicious taste, they were so good Sam ordered the same after tasting one. Overall we were both more than satisfied with our meals.

I am lactose intolerant and usually stay away from desserts as they are typically dairy dishes but Sam ordered a breath taking dessert that was luckily for two, of course I had to dig in. (I had my lactase tablets so I didn't feel too bad afterwards). We had a few drinks afterwards as we were celebrating after all. I ordered a Disaronno and Cranberry to start and tried to order the same for Sam as I usually do until he rudely interrupted and ordered his own drink, the cheek. A good cocktail is the way to my smile so we ordered a few more before requesting the bill.

Clos Maggiore we will see you again soon because the Conservatory looks like this!

Unfortunately you have to book 5 months in advance to be seated down there and we only booked the day before. My words cannot explain how beautiful this dining area is, as a nature lover there was something magical about standing underneath the flower-filled conservatory and listening to classical music underneath the light date night chatter that flowed through the room. This was a much needed date and a great way to celebrate finishing 3 hard years at University.

After our date we met up with one of my best friends for a few drinks as she happened to work close by. We had a few more cocktails and had a nice little catch up - sorry for the girl gossip Sam. Girls, comment if this restaurant is now on your bucket list, it is consistently voted London’s most romantic restaurant after all. I will be sharing more daily blogs/vlogs soon. See you tomorrow at 10am for a cousin blog post and my first ever YouTube post - Shay RS.

With Love,

Shay RS x