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Dear Humans,

“The most important sentence in any article is the first one. If it doesn’t induce the reader to proceed to the second sentence, your article is dead.” William Zinsser

Thanks Will, that’s really reassuring. Hey guys, here goes another girl writing her very first blog post. Well this is kind of my first, I did try and blog about a year ago but that was an absolute fail - this won’t be, promise. I guess it is necessary to introduce myself to whomever may be reading this at any point. My name is Sharaye but since I am just starting this blog and you can be whoever you want to be on these things I am going to go by Shay. I am a fan of one syllable names. I am a freelance journalist and photographer who has just completed 3 long yet enjoyable years of University. I say freelance journalist because that was kind of the route I was supposed to take after studying Magazine Journalism, for now I’ll go with it because I am at that weird point in life where I have no job or real plan and it sounds better than unemployed - eek.

So a little about me, In my opinion I am the quietest loud person. I crave alone time and adore silence but once I am out and with the people I love I am probably the loudest in the room. A girl in my class the other day described me as enthusiastic, I prefer that to loud. I like to write, create new ideas, stories and concepts but no longer have the desire to be a journalist, cheers course for killing my passion for journalism. I’m usually walking around with a camera in hand annoying my friends and family by snapping away, they pretend to hate it until I get a cheeky Whatsapp message saying ‘Can you send the pics from today?’. Snapshot and documentary photography are the styles I adore most - when I catch someone having the time of their lives with no idea I am photographing them it warms my heart. Two of my favourite photographers are Corrine Day and Theo Wenner, I’ve attached some of their work below and I hope you can see why.



Today I am working on a project titled Young London Vision & Voices, a documentary book that showcases the lives of young people in London. The book offers a space for stories, personal quotes, art-work and written work. I will post more about the book itself soon and my goal is to stop being lazy and get it published as soon as.

I am not one-hundred percent sure how long these things are supposed to be so I am going to stop typing now because I can type for days - figuratively, with breaks of course. I hope that gave you all a snippet in to my life. I am eager to share my photography, enticing interviews and general lifestyle content on here. Would be absolutely wonderfully amazing if you would check them out - you know if you’re in to that kind of stuff. I will have a new blog post up everyday this week at 10am too. Lots of love to all of you beautiful human beings.

With Love,

Shay RS x


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