Listening to: Whitney Houston - My Love is Your Love

I started a vision board people. It's digital so I can easily adapt and re-work it but I will print it when it's finished, (lol because we all know creatives are never finished). The only reason I am not still working on my Uni FMP is because there was a deadline, thank goodness. A huge chunk of my childhood revolved around cutting up magazines and sticking bits on an A3 piece of paper. It included but was not limited to beach snaps of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, clothes I couldn't afford and that did not come in my size because I wore an age 11-12 and words that upon reflection did not accurately represent 10 year old me's lifestyle, 'fame' 'dazzle' 'livin' it up' and 'party animal'.

This vision board is supposed to be more specific and realistic and as the snazzy designer I am (basic graphic designer on cv), I have made it all cute on Indesign and broke it down into sections. I won't show you the whole thing because apparently if you do that there is always someone praying for your downfall and mainly because I put numbers and specific life details on there that I am too embarrassed to share. An over sharer with boundaries, we love to see it.

Dress: Pretty Little Thing

Sandals: Primark

A piece of the mood board says this:

- Loves mixing high, low and vintage fashion

- Seeking a calmer/slower life

- Loves to socialise and drink

- Cares about the environment and well-being

- Passionate about music, art and life

I was trying to put my brand into words, I rebranded last year and I had a clear idea of who I am IRL and what A Seat With Shay represented but breaking it down into bullet points made it easier to FOCUS on these details digitally. I have been slightly sporadic with what I post, I want to post intentionally and focus on my brands core values and loves.

I post a lot of outfits but I will putting a lot more time and effort into how I present my style bits and bobs to you and also sharing my tricks and tips, from buying to styling.

I always seek to live a calmer and slower life. I have posted about how dainty I am not on here before and boy I was not lying. Think Lisa Bonet 90s interviews, there aren't many of them but she is always calm and always thinks before she answers. Chill vibes. Journey from budding maniac to cool girl starts now.

I am going to continue sharing where I am eating, drinking, what cocktails I am in love with, the best places to get high quality content and life with my loved ones because socialising is my favourite pass time. Ok, not favourite but I like it.

I also want to touch on where I stand on environmental issues. Currently not eating meat and eating a lot less dairy (2 and a half years deep), not wearing real fur, handing over my Uggs to my sister and only wearing my Birkenstocks and Doctor Marten's until I can afford vegan ones. Also use metal straws, recycle and stop using unnecessary packaging.

Passionate about music, art and life because I bloody well am and I want to talk all day long about the music I love to anyone who will listen. Throwback moment to Sian and I at University playing deep song after deep song to each other, great times.

Another angle I took on the VB is including other content creators I love, as I said we're keeping it really specific so I chose my top four of the moment. Lydia Millen, Patricia Bright, Chloe Plumstead and Chriselle Lim. I also had to stick in the feed from my favourite Instagrammer Jeanne Grey because it is beautiful and it's nice to have a little (major) insta inspo every now and then.

I've also included numbers and set goals for every aspect of my life. This includes personal stuff like yoga, less phone time and a balanced diet, YouTube goals, video ideas, my intentions behind every single goal, and so forth. There is always a bigger picture and I think it is our duty as bloggers and influencers to know what we are influencing, what we are encouraging and why.

I encourage, being yourself, open mindedness, talking freely and communicating. I encourage embracing all sides of your personality and not allowing yourself to be labelled. I love having my life together and my to-do lists and I also love winging it and not quite remembering how I got home, society will not define me.

I'm really figuring out what it means to be your own brand and the purpose behind everything in my digital space. Merging both business and personal has been an interesting journey, it's about being yourself but also knowing that yourself is going to be judged. It's about posting freely but also wanting to appeal to brands you adore, it's a balancing act but I am willing to take the jump.

I cannot wait to finish my vision board and have something to refer to when creating content. I am not setting specific dates and MUST-HAVES and all of that pressurising stuff, I'm just taking it easy, but always being intentional. Do you guys have any advice for my vision board and visualising everything into existence?

Love, Shay.