For as long as my memory serves I have wanted to create content. Designing magazines, books, blogging, videos, photography, the lot. I didn't know then why I loved magazines so much, the feel of a fresh magazine, the layout, design, fonts, colours and images were just t...


Putting outfits together is to me what playtime is to a child, HAPPY times. There are two kinds of people in this world, those who throw in loads of random clothes and make it work on holiday and then there's me, trying on every exact outfit with the exact bag, sunglass...


It's been 3 weeks and it's as if I don't even know how to write anymore. I'm behind on everything, emails, socials, unpacking and I'm not yet mentally ready to be in full on 'work mode', but time waits for no one.

Happy September and welcome back to A Seat With Shay. Sep...


Last month I finally made it to the home of the pink flower wall that is Restaurant Ours

264 Brompton Rd,




 Dress: Missguidesd Shoes: TXMAXX Bag: Primark Hair: @stylesbycokes_x

I have a list of cute food places I want to try and Restaurant Ours...


Dress: Zara Headtie: Hair Shop Jewellery: H&M Seat: Heals of London

So we meet again. It's a new month, a new season and a new seat. This season I'm at Heals of London with NO shoes on as shoppers pass me by wondering what on earth this woman is doing. 3 years ago I woul...


 Dress: PLT Shoes: Topshop Bag: Primark Hair: Stylesbycokes_x

And then another bottle of rum and then 2 more bottles of rum.

Fast forward to earlier that evening and we were all getting ready to celebrate my cousins birthday at Rum Kitchen, Nottinghill. Prosecco and Elder...


 I'm 24 and most importantly I'm hoping you got the White Chicks reference in the title, if not I'm mentioning it now to ensure that you guys get the White Chicks reference in the title.

Mention the White Chicks reference in the title ✓

Ok, back...


seat 01 | the local

 Top: Pretty Little Thing Leggings: Fashion Nova Coat: Bershka Trainers: Vans Location: The Woods Seat: The bench

I wanted to rebrand, I wanted a new name that fit who I am and one that came with a purpose 'A Seat with Shay' was inspired by S...


Hey Humans,

I was invited to The Spa Experience, Walthamstow for a Manicure with CND Vinylux Polish and to enjoy the spa facilities. As Christmas crawls closer it was a much needed day of tranquility. I arrived to The Health Centre, Walthamstow where I was directed to th...



I did this post last year so I thought I would make it an annual thing. At first I didn't want to because I felt like I hadn't done much this summer but looking back at this post, the lie detector test has determined that was a lie. Also I'm alive and breathing a...

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