Date when you're single and exploring your options, date during the honey moon period, continue to date when it's been a few years and you aren't really in to going out as much anymore. Tinder dating, teenage dating, senior dating, what ever the circumstances don't...


At 24, I prefer the more realistic view of love and relationships I have now as opposed to the fairytale one I had in my head as a kid. I have always been the rom-com loving, love song listening, prince charming wanting kind of girl and with that comes a lot of unrealis...


Dress: Missguided Heels: Topshop Earrings: H&M

Relationships are complex.

That stand alone sentence is basically the answer to this blog post question, I could technically just stop typing now.

As much as all of us would love to pretend that the negativity of soc...



 Shirt: Pretty Little Thing (Sold out) wig colour & cut: @stylesbycokes_x

I don't know if it's because I'm a girl but I feel like when we like a guy, we like a guy. Guys you know when a girl is feeling you, don't you? Anyway I'll do a reverse on my 'He's just not...



I haven't done a post where I get the opinions of my readers in a little while. You can see a few interesting ones here

Double Standards in Relationships

The Truth About Young Mums

Dear Light Girls

I feel like there is an awkwardness to dating in 2017 and a lot, a lo...



If there is a secret handbook to all things relationships and love, no one I have ever known has read it. Perfect relationships are pretty much a figure of our imagine and a Disney film myth. Then there's that 'relationship goals' statement we use to describe rel...


Dear Humans,

 Shay avec Sammy, date night Southampton 2014.

No intro needed, let's talk dating.

Because the only thing that's harder than listening to this Kardashian pregnancy news is dating in 2017. 

Actual dates

I've never been a dater because I'm more of a 'oh...


Hey Humans,

So on my 10 reasons women are trash too blog, I made it clear that men aren't the only ones who have trashy tendencies. I was going to counter it with '10 reasons men are trash' but that is so cliché and you guys know I love making you giggle with these type...


Disclaimer: This not a guide on how to live with your boyfriend, and definitely not a 'what to do' blog post. Just a simple insight into my experience on living with mine for a year.

So as I heard about 300 times before going to University. 'University is one of the hard...


Happy Sunday, Men are trash x

'Men are trash' 'Leave him sis' 'I'm coming to you as a woman' is literally 80% of my Twitter feed and I love it. Twitter is honestly one of the funniest places for opinions, stupid opinions and even more stupid opinions. That is what makes...

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